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Singapore Food Masters 2017: The battle continues

Singapore has an extensive list of restaurants, bars, quaint cafes and hawker stalls that serve some of the finest cuisines in the world! Singapore food is celebrated by many from across the globe and is one of the reasons why a trip to the Lion City is a must if you’re in for a gastronomical adventure.

In line with this, our Singapore travel guide has turned its spotlight on Singapore Food Masters 2017 to talk more about the yearly Singapore food competition.

The battle of the best continues this year as the annual Singapore Food Masters commence in what will be a 12-week long competition.

Organized by SPH, the Singapore Food Masters 2017 is composed of 120 stalls – 30 from each zone (East, West, North and Central) that will battle it out to compete for the prestigious title. The annual competition aims to discover the different Singapore food choices and variety of restaurants, cafes and hawker stalls in the Little Red Dot.

Each of the listed contenders represent

From the 120 participating stalls, readers will vote for their zone favourite via SMS or by visiting the microsite ( Voters are limited to one vote per stall so make sure to choose the one that greatly represents the Singapore food culture! For the final round, food industry experts, bloggers and key stakeholders will determine the Top 3 Food Masters from each zone’s Top 10 finalists.

Top 10 winners from each zone will get a Top 10 Certificate, a decal and a Top 10 Stall Poster. While the overall 12 winners (3 from each zone) will receive a certificate with stall details, a decal for stall use as well as a personalized apron. The top 12 will also be featured in a Thank You ad by the end of the campaign.

Aside from having the power to vote for their favourite eatery, 5 readers will also stand a chance to win $100 shopping vouchers!

Make sure to vote for your favourite to show your support! Announcement of winners will be in January.

Now, if you can’t wait to taste the best food in Singapore, take a peek into our Singapore food blogs and enjoy a day or two getting to know what the country’s food culture is all about! Other travel guides will also show you things to do in Singapore that you should definitely include in your Singapore travel itinerary!

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