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Singapore Food Guide: Homegrown Chinese Restaurant Jing Hua Xiao Chi 京华小吃

What started out as a small shop focusing on home-style cooking has blossomed into one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Lion City. Today’s Singapore food guide turns its spotlight to another Singapore Food Masters 2017 contender that is famed for its delicious traditional Chinese cuisine –Jing Hua Xiao Chi京华小吃! The humble beginnings of […]

Singapore Restaurant Lucky8鴻運樓: Best of Cantonese cuisine & Sichuan delights

Despite its scarcity in land size, Singapore is a country that is big on serving gastronomical cuisine celebrated by thousands of tourists that fly in and out of this city. Singapore restaurants are some of the world’s best dining destinations and if you’ve been to this bustling tourist spot, you definitely know what we’re talking […]

Singapore Food | PARTEA茶派: Redefining the fruit tea experience

Partea茶派 is a newly launched Singapore bubble tea brand which combines fruit and tea to create exciting flavours for a refreshing drink! It’s the newest addition to the long list of Singapore food and beverages both tourists and locals can enjoy while exploring the bustling Lion City. So if you’re flying to Singapore anytime soon, […]

Kenzie Spa & Nails: A nail salon in Singapore for your pampering session

Nail salons in Singapore have become more than a place to get your nails done. These Singapore attractions have given pampering a whole new meaning, providing more relaxing services other than just mani-pedi, hand massages and foot spas. This makes these nail salons in Singapore a way to cap off a busy weeknight or to […]

5 Loft-Style Singapore hotels for your staycation

  Have you ever had the feeling where you just want a break from work stress and book a night in a hotel? Staycations are slowly becoming a thing now where instead of planning an out of town trip; a stay in a hotel can suffice. With the variety of Singapore hotels all over the […]

Singapore Travel: Dine at The White Rabbit for a romantic and gastronomical experience

Aside from shopping, another activity which completes a Singapore travel experience is eating! The city’s love for food is quite evident with the array of restaurants lined up in famous attractions like Orchard Road, Marina Bay and Chinatown. However, tucked away in the lush greenery of Dempsey Hill is romantic restaurant called The White Rabbit. […]

Singapore Shopping Guide: What’s in store at the Singapore Duty Free this August

Singapore attractions such as Marina Bay, Orchard Road and Bugis are some of the reasons why tourists – especially shopaholics visit the Lion City. While these attractions define the Singapore shopping experience, one cannot deny the charm and endless shopping choices the Duty Free in Changi Airport offers! Famed as one of the best airports […]

5 Must-visit Sentosa attractions for a fun-filled day

Narrowing down a list of things to do in Singapore is never an easy task. Being a city filled with so many interesting Singapore attractions, the list could go on and on. But if you’re planning a trip to the country’s man-made island resort – Sentosa – here’s your guide to Sentosa attractions for a […]

Singapore Hotel Guide: 5 Affordable and stylish hotels for your sweet escape

In a place that is dubbed as “one of the most expensive cities to live in,” it might not be so easy to believe that there are budget hotels in Singapore. But trust us when we say there truly are affordable Singapore hotels that are perfect for your vacation in the Lion City. Amidst the […]

Marina Bay Shopping Guide: 4 Malls to shop for the best finds in Marina Bay

Marina Bay shopping is defined by the endless retail offerings from luxury shopping malls and the city’s sprawling attractions. Marina Bay – one of the Singapore attractions was built to further support the country’s growth as Asia’s business and entertainment hub. Aligned with this goal, the area houses sky-rocketing hotels, lavish restaurants, offices, entertainment venues […]

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