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Taste authentic Sichuan cuisine at Singapore restaurant Ba Shu Sichuan

If you’re travelling to the Lion City and wondering what to eat in Singapore, you won’t have to worry because this bustling city is home to a wide array of restaurants that serve everything from popular international cuisine to famous local dishes. And if you’re craving for authentic Sichuan delights, Singapore restaurant Ba Shu Sichuan […]

Singapore Restaurant Lucky8鴻運樓: Best of Cantonese cuisine & Sichuan delights

Despite its scarcity in land size, Singapore is a country that is big on serving gastronomical cuisine celebrated by thousands of tourists that fly in and out of this city. Singapore restaurants are some of the world’s best dining destinations and if you’ve been to this bustling tourist spot, you definitely know what we’re talking […]

Marina Bay Food Guide: 5 Must-visit restaurants during your travel

Marina Bay food takes on the spotlight in today’s Singapore food blog with its array of fine international cuisines and a great selection of Singapore local food from various Marina Bay attractions. From local hawker stalls to luxury Marina Bay hotels, it is no secret that this iconic spot in the city holds one of […]

Singapore Food Scene: 5 Best places to celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you haven’t decided yet where to celebrate this special occasion with your mum, choose among our awesome picks featured in today’s Singapore food blog and treat your mum to a feast of delicious Singapore food! From restaurants serving Singapore local food to international favourites, we’ve hand-picked these […]

Singapore Food Scene: Top Buffet Restaurants For Endless Culinary Adventures

Social celebrations are made more special with the presence of food, whether it’s an anniversary party, birthday celebration or a simple get together with friends. Since one of the best things to do in Singapore is to eat, devouring Singapore food is always a good idea. Despite the endless choices of Singapore local food from […]

Singapore Food Souvenirs: Grilled thin-sliced BBQ meat called Bak Kwa

Months or weeks before the celebration of Chinese New Year, numerous Singapore food are featured in Singapore food blogs, all reviewed as some of the best that one can devour to celebrate this special occasion. And we are certain that Bak Kwa is among those that are featured in Singapore food guides. Bak Kwa or […]

Chinatown Food Scene: A delicious culinary journey of local delights

An iconic and historical enclave, Chinatown is a popular destination in Singapore that is visited by tourists every day. The numerous retail shops selling locally made items, decors and souvenirs make for an excellent Chinatown shopping experience. Moreover, the Chinatown food scene’s explosion of diverse dining options is a glorious culinary journey that one shouldn’t […]

Singapore Food Guide: 3 Best hawker centres to taste local Singapore cuisine

Characterised by affordable yet tasteful Singapore food, hawker centres are the go-to culinary destinations of locals and tourists who want a taste of cheap yet quality Singapore local food. Spread out across the city, it is easy for tourists to spot these hawker centres as most of them are situated in popular Singapore attractions such […]

Bugis Food Scene: Affordable restaurants you wouldn’t want to miss

From laidback cafes to budget-friendly and high-end restaurants, the Bugis food scene is an exciting mix of all that the Singapore food culture has to offer. With every restaurant’s serving of hearty and tasty Bugis food, it is no wonder that the best thing to do in Singapore is to eat – whether it’s at […]

Singapore Food Souvenirs: Sweet and milky Ya Kun Kaya Jam

One of the many things travellers love about the Lion City is how every Singapore food – may it be a snack, a meal, or an expensive fine-dining specialty, is made with perfection, exquisite taste and exciting flavours.

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