Khaolaor given its 5th FDA Quality Award by Thailand FDA

Khaolaor, a Thai company who’s been producing quality herbal medicine for 88 years has been given the FDA Quality Award by Thailand FDA. On 21 December 2017, Thailand FDA gave Khaolaor the FDA Quality Award – the 5th FDA Award of the company since 2009. The award signifies that Khaolaor, a trusted brand by the […]

Thailand Travel | 5 Best Shopping Malls in Bangkok

You can never truly have a complete Thailand travel experience unless you’ve spent days and nights rummaging through Thailand shopping malls and numerous night markets spread out in its capital city Bangkok. But because there are so many choices, we know it can be quite tricky to choose where you should go especially if you […]

Bangkok Travel | Understanding the city’s public transportation

Bangkok is known to have notorious traffic, especially during rush hour. But fret not because you don’t have to waste your precious time getting stuck on the streets of Bangkok with the city’s modern public transportation! Breeze your way through Thailand’s capital city as we give you an understanding of the different modes of transportation […]

Thai herbal medicines you need for good health

The use of herbal medicines is part of Thailand’s culture and tradition. It’s a practice that’s been part of their lives for years and it is very much popular even with the younger generation. When you come to Thailand, aside from shopping for clothes, Thai silk, accessories, and beautiful handicrafts, you can also include some […]

Bangkok’s Meko Clinic is the beauty clinic you need for your cosmetic needs

It is no secret that Thailand’s medical tourism has been booming for years as it’s been hailed as one of the most popular places to go to for a plastic surgery – may it be for medical or aesthetic needs. Among the many medical clinics in the country is Meko Clinic – a beauty clinic […]

Things to do in Thailand | Immerse yourself in Bangkok’s culture and visit these museums

Thailand’s rich cultural history and tradition make it an interesting destination for a vacation – whether you’re flying solo or travelling as a group. If you want a peek into the Land of Smile’s heart and soul, one of the best things to do in Thailand is to go in an exciting museum hopping adventure […]

7 Things to do in Thailand for first time travellers

The list of things to do in Thailand is endless. As a country blessed with some of the most outstanding beaches, rich, cultural attractions and one of the world’s finest cuisines, a visit to the Land of Smiles is both an enriching and exciting experience. It can be quite overwhelming to plan your Thailand travel […]

Things to do in Thailand: Shop at Bangkok’s 10 Best Night Markets

It’s not a secret that the capital city of Thailand is a haven for cheap yet unique finds. Whether it’s about the latest fashion trends, home decorations or locally made products, you can find almost anything and everything in Bangkok. And because shopping is one of things to do in Thailand, you are not limited […]

Thailand Travel Guide: 12 Bangkok Street Food You Must Try

Bangkok’s street food has been ranked by CNN as the world’s no 1 for two consecutive years, 2016 and 2017. And anyone who has tasted these Thai local foods can attest to the uniqueness in flavour and texture of these Bangkok foods. For those who haven’t, don’t you worry because we have compiled a list […]

Thailand travel: 5 Must-See temples to visit in Bangkok

Thailand is home to over 40,000 centuries old Buddhist temples and some relatively new ones. As they hold a cultural and historical significance in the country, a Thailand travel experience is never without a visit to these holy and stunning architectures. If you are travelling to Thailand’s capital city, you don’t need to go far […]

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