Vietnam Shopping: 5 Must-buy souvenirs for your Vietnam trip

Souvenir shopping has always been a part of every holiday trip, making the experience a lot more fun and memorable. In Vietnam, souvenir items range from local handicrafts to eye-catching ornaments, delicious food and unique cultural finds. Get ready for some serious Vietnam shopping spree as we feature must-buy souvenir items in today’s Vietnam travel […]

Vietnam Travel Guide: 5 Best Spas to try in Da Nang, Vietnam

Travelling is really fun but it can get super tiring too. Going from one attraction to another and making sure to max out your time to visit everything on your itinerary can drain your energy. Thankfully, there’s nothing like a great spa treatment can’t fix! If you’re headed to Da Nang, Vietnam anytime soon, give […]

Here’s your Vietnam Travel Guide to Ho Chi Minh City’s Top Attractions

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon is a city in Vietnam located at the southern part of the country. It played a vital role in the Vietnam War and today, it has become one of the places to visit in Vietnam boasting French elegant architecture, sleek skyscrapers, ornate temples and modern rooftop bars […]

Hoi An Travel Guide: 10 Attractions to visit in Vietnam’s former port city

The peaceful town of Hoi An in the Quang Nam Province of Vietnam was once a trading pot between the 15th and 19th centuries. Boasting beautiful French colonial homes, well-preserved Ancient Town and its relaxing riverside setting, Hoi An has definitely won the hearts of travellers as it is now one of the places to […]

Dalat Travel Guide – A City Where Time Slows Down

Different from many other cities in Southeast Asia where temperature is scorching, Dalat (ĐàLạt) is a rare exception located in southern Vietnam. Residing 1,500 m (Ft 4,900) above sea level on the Langbian Plateau in the southern parts of the Central Highlands region, Dalat is a beautiful city filled with flowers, pine trees and thousands […]