5 Things you need to know when travelling to Bangkok for the first time


As one of the must-visit Thailand travel destinations, Bangkok holds a long list of things to do and places to offer all its visitors. From street-side vendors selling delicious Bangkok food to the city’s sprawling nightlife attractions, ornate shrines and temples, as well as endless Bangkok shopping attractions, there is never a dull moment when you find yourself in this beautiful travel destination.

Navigate your way through the city’s bustling streets and into famous Bangkok attractions with today’s Thailand travel guide filled with five useful tips when you’re travelling to Bangkok for the first time.

Get yourself a good map

While it’s refreshing to explore a new destination, getting lost in Thailand’s capital city can ruin your Bangkok travel itinerary. To avoid this, make sure to get yourself a good map that has English and Thai street names. This way, you can easily explore the city.

Bargain nicely

Thailand Shopping Tip: Bargain as much as you can, especially if there’s no bar code or price tag. But do it nicely and accompany it with a smile. It is acceptable to ask for a 10-40% OFF the original price and more acceptable to walk away if you don’t agree with the offer. They are more likely to call you back and give you your asking price.

Use the BTS & MRT

Bangkok travel guide for first time visitors | Bangkok | Travel141Fast and reliable BTS & MRT in Bangkok

The Skytrain and underground MRT are very reliable and are sure to get you to your destination on time. As Thailand’s capital city, it can get pretty traffic during the day and using the tuk-tuks might cost you less time to enjoy the city’s attractions.

Always carry with you your passport

Bangkok travel guide for first time visitors | Bangkok | Travel141Always bring with you your passport anywhere you go in Thailand

Thailand travel tip: Always bring with you your passport or a photocopy of your passport wherever you go in Thailand. You’ll never know when an officer will need a verification of your identity, your age or your nationality – having your passport with you at all times can save you from trouble.

Plan ahead

Unlike other destinations such as Paris or Rome, Bangkok is not really a walkable city. To make sure you get to every attraction you want to visit, plan ahead and work on a reasonable route, maximising all hours of the day to get to all the stunning destinations.

Now that you’re ready, plan your travel itinerary and look through the list of things to do in Bangkok when you visit Travel141 – your ultimate travel guide in Southeast Asia!

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