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5 Reasons To Join Asia Travel Club Now

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Nowadays, the competition in the world of a social media influencer is tough. In the same way, brands have been going out of their way to plan how they can create an impact on the social network. With social media being considered as a prominent platform, one’s social influence is what marketers are after these days. Good thing, Asia Travel Club (ATC) works in helping both aspects.

Asia Travel Club

ATC taps the influencers and their hotel partners to make both sides relevant. Moreover, the collaboration through #StaysForStories helps benefit both the influencer and the hotel in uplifting each other’s influence and brand. Want to know more why Asia Travel Club is the newest social platform you should be in? Continue reading below!


Asia Travel Club

Searching for the perfect one in the long list of hotels in Asia is a common dilemma. Worry no more! ATC has its own list of hotel partners you can choose from. In each hotel, a page description is provided to further know if it will cater to your needs during your travel. In addition to that, these hotels are definitely some of the best around so you better not miss any of them!


Asia Travel Club

One thing’s for sure, Asia Travel Club will help you grow your fans once you become an ATC member – either an influencer or hotel partner. Through their digital partners and the team effort, they will sure help you in increasing your fan growth and engage them across your social media accounts.


Asia Travel Club

In line with the efforts in growing your fan base, Asia Travel Club has tied up with a travel website named Travel141. Travel141 will feature you through a write-up – both for ATC’s influencers and hotel partners. In addition to that, this will be posted on their Facebook page that has more than 19,000 fans. Cool deal!


Asia Travel Club

Here is what ATC is all about – a FREE stay! And when we say free, it is REALLY free. When you signed up as an influencer of Asia Travel Club, you can request from one of their partner hotels to sponsor you a stay in exchange of stories. You may create a blog about the hotel or any post on your social media account. As simple as that!


Asia Travel Club

Most probably, people travel to fill their memory banks. So when you look back to yourself someday, you won’t have regrets because you lived your life. With ATC giving you a free stay, it will surely make your Asia travel a more memorable one. All because they give you a chance to a whole new experience!

Enjoy a free stay when you sign up now as an Asia Travel Club member! Visit their pages below to know how:

Facebook: Asia Travel Club


Instagram: @asiatravelclub

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