Travel 141 | 3 Ways To Be A Better Travel Influencer

3 Ways To Be A Better Travel Influencer

Travel content is everywhere. From Facebook to Instagram, virtually everyone has travel stories to share and stunning photos to showcase—all leaving you with a hankering to pack your bags and travel or create the same quality travel content. If you’re part of the latter and want to up your game as a travel influencer, here are some easy changes you can make to be better at influencer marketing.

Travel authentically

Travel 141 | 3 Ways To Be A Better Travel Influencer | Travel Authentically

You can’t call yourself a travel influencer if you haven’t actually travelled. Being an influencer isn’t just about posting pretty pictures of the beach or sunset. It’s also about sharing travel tips, pieces of advice and knowledge you’ve gained through the many travels you’ve been on. And when you’re travelling, it pays to read up on the history, the culture and other valuable tidbits about the place you’re visiting. Remember, one cannot be an influencer overnight—it takes time and effort. The more you travel, the more people see you as a legitimate source of travel information and inspiration.

Improve your photography

Travel 141 | 3 Ways To Be A Better Travel Influencer | Improve Photography

With Instagram being the primary platform for influencers’ travel marketing efforts, it’s important that your visuals are strong. If it’s DSLR you are using, browse YouTube for tutorials on how to effectively use your camera. The same goes for a smartphone. Learn basic photography rules such as looking for symmetry, using frames, learning composition and more. In line with refining your photography skills, consider investing in quality devices that will help you, especially if you intend to get serious about travel influencer marketing.

Build your name in select platforms

Travel 141 | 3 Ways To Be A Better Travel Influencer | Build Your Name

Influencer marketing is strong on Instagram but it’s not the only social platform there is. If you’ve already found success on Instagram, consider creating another following on a different platform such as Facebook. This way, you can be active on as many social media channels as possible. However, if you’re just starting out, focus on one platform to grow first before you branch out. It’s also smart to establish your own hashtag that people can associate with your name.

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