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5 Things You Absolutely Must Not Do When Travelling in Singapore

Travelling to a new country sure is fun and exciting—especially if it comes with a free stay at one of Asia Travel Club’s hotel partners in Singapore. But then again, it can also be intimidating because you’ll need to get yourself acquainted with the culture, the language and even the laws. And it’s even more important to educate yourself about all these if the country your visiting is famed for its strict laws and unique quirks—just like Singapore. Now, if your coming to this side of Asia, remember these five don’ts for a stress-free stay in Singapore.

Don’t cut the queue

Whether it’s a queue for the train or for some popular chicken rice, don’t try to get ahead by cutting the line. Just be patient and wait for your turn like everybody else.

Don’t litter

From candy wrappers to cigarette butts, aim right when you throw your rubbish in the bin because if it doesn’t hit the mark, you may end up with a costly $300 fine. If you litter bigger items such as plastic bags and cups, then be prepared to shell out as much as $1,000 or render up to 12 hours of community service.

Don’t chew gum

Do you chew gum regularly? You might consider ditching the habit or picking up a new one before your visit to Singapore. Unless you need to chew gum for medical reasons, chewing gum is actually banned in Singapore.

Don’t smoke just anywhere

Smoking whenever and wherever is also shunned upon in Singapore. When you smoke, make sure you do so at a designated smoking area which is often away from busy areas.

Don’t jaywalk

You may consider yourself an expert jaywalker but be careful where you cross in Singapore! Always play it safe and only cross at designated pedestrian lanes when the green man lights up.

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