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Malaysia Travel Guide: 5 Don’ts You Need To Remember

Did you manage to get a free stay at one of Asia Travel Club’s hotel partners in Malaysia through the Stays For Stories influencer marketing program? Well then, let this article be your handy Malaysia travel guide!

If it will be the first time you’ll be travelling to the beautifully multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual country, arm yourself with the knowledge of important do’s and don’ts. It’s especially important when you plan to share such info to your social media followers!

Don’t go overboard with the PDA

If you’re travelling with a partner, stay cautious when showing your affection. Better yet, hold off on the public shows of affection as a sign of respect to the conservative Muslim locals.

Don’t accept an unmetered taxi

Got lost in the city? While a cab is the easiest way to get around, don’t fall prey to drivers who take advantage of tourists by refusing to turn on their meters. Insist on a metered trip. Another option is to simply use a taxi app.

Don’t enter a home, a mosque or a temple with your shoes on

Just like many Asian countries, wearing your shoes inside the home is shunned upon. And in Malaysia, it is most especially important when where entering mosques and temples. In addition, do remember to dress appropriately if you plan on visiting.

Don’t point with your right forefinger

Pointing to an object, a person or a direction with your forefinger may be harmless where you’re from, but in Malaysia, it’s a rude gesture. With that, fold your four fingers and use your thumb to point.

Don’t be afraid to eat like a local

When you walk around Kuala Lumpur, expect to see hawker stalls and humble restaurants packed with locals. Don’t be intimidated by the crowd or be afraid to take a seat! You’ll be surprised by how excellent the food is even if it means eating on the side of the street.

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