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The Best Influencer Marketing Program For Travel And Hospitality Brands

Influencer marketing

People get so overwhelmed at work every week that they opt now for a staycation on a weekend to give themselves time to unwind and relax. With the booming hotelier industry across Asia, how would you make sure that customers would choose you and even go back to you? That being said, tapping into the power of social media through influencer marketing is an opportunity for hotels like yourself should consider.


Influencer marketing

There are countless ways on how you can make yourself relevant and stand out in the market. Moreover, you can advertise yourself through print media such as magazines and alike. On the other hand, there lies the digital marketing side where you can strengthen your influence on social networks. Wherein the latter helps a brand to have a strong online presence to cut through the clutter.


Influencer marketing

Today, social media is the primary medium being used for communication by almost all over the world. Be it for business or personal use, we can’t hide the fact that we use social media every day. In fact, according to a survey, internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on social media sites (source: digital information world). Thus, different brands have been tapping the digital media side for their marketing strategy especially influencer marketing.


Influencer marketing

So how does this work? Is this giving freebies to an influencer so they can say good things about you? No and no. Influencer marketing is when you work directly with an influencer or a group of them to create an effective campaign for your brand to be shared with a larger market. Aside from celebrities, the voices of influencers are one of the most powerful things in building the credibility of a brand.


Influencer marketing

As a hotel, how do you execute an influencer marketing campaign? You won’t have to worry about that because Asia Travel Club (ATC), the newest social commerce platform is here. It aims to connect hotels in Asia like you with influencers. Through their free #StaysForStories programme, you can easily tap one of the ATC influencers for a collaboration.

So, make yourself stand out in the social media market now! Connect yourself with Asian influencers by signing up on ATC’s website: You may also visit their Facebook page @asiatravelclub for more information!


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