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George Town, one of Malaysia’s UNESCO Heritage Site, is a place to behold. The quaint town holds immeasurable history in its buildings, jetties, culture, and the people, making it a living testament of the long-developed multi-cultural heritage which is of importance today.

Travel141 | Cititel Express Penang

For the history buff, the travel-savvy, or the easy-going vacationer, George Town presents an enriching experience as well as unique sights. Is this your next destination? If so, Cititel Express Penang can help you have the best experience.

Travel141 | Cititel Express Penang

A Smart Traveller’s Guide in Exploring George Town in Penang, Malaysia

Inform yourself about the ideal Penang accommodation when visiting George Town and some tips to take note before proceeding to your exciting trip.

Tips for the Smart Traveller Visiting George Town

Travel141 | Cititel Express Penang

Before you pack your bags and head straight to George Town, make sure you tick all the items below.

  1. Travel light. As a traveller, it does not make sense to bring your whole closet with you. Select your all-around shoes, practical clothes, and an easy-to-carry backpack for your essentials.
  2. Exchange extra money in case of an emergency. We never know what will happen on our travels, so it’s recommended that you bring extra money in the country’s currency.
  3. Respect the place and the locals. As a visitor in their place, a traveller’s courtesy is required. If you want to take photos, ask them first so as to not become rude. Some locals dislike getting their picture taken.
  4. Create an itinerary. To maximize your stay at George Town, map out the places you want to visit. Don’t’ forget to put a “free-time” for you to aimlessly wander in the city. It’s good to explore on your own, too!
  5. Book ahead of time. Having a place to stay is a top priority. Book early to your ideal accommodation.

Ideal Accommodation: Cititel Express Penang

When deciding on accommodation, it is best to choose a centrally-located place with the best value. Preferably a George Town accommodation itself, to ensure a smooth-sailing adventure.

One Penang hotel that comes to mind is Cititel Express Penang. Why so? Because it is located at the heart of George Town. This hotel not only offers a view of the surrounding of George Town but is also the best-propositioned hotel in Penang Island. This Penang hotel is just 30 minutes away from Penang International Airport and a mere five minutes from the Ferry Terminal.

Travel141 | Cititel Express Penang

Whether for business or leisure, Cititel Express Penang offers convenient access to the city’s commercial, government, and financial hub, the historical sites, bazaars, shopping malls, street food stalls, and pubs to ensure that you’ll be where everything is happening.

Cititel Express accommodates 234 guestrooms and family rooms with all the essential amenities for a refreshing experience with great value. The hotel appeals to busy executives seeking affordable accommodation within a functional environment with a local identity and service that is friendly, attentive and yet unpretentious.

Travel141 | Cititel Express Penang

When the hunger pangs strike, the Japanese food lover can visit Enoshima Japanese Restaurant for at the lobby level.

Travel141 | Cititel Express Penang

Planning to stay at Cititel Express Penang? Book in advance on their website. You can score amazing deals if you do.

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