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Experience a 1500-year Old Hoi An Ancient City

Travel 141 | Hoi An

When thinking of tourism in Vietnam, you might imagine a leisurely cup of coffee in an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City. You could be thinking about the blue sea in Nha Trang or feeling the romance of Ba Na Mountain in Da Nang. In fact, a 20-minute drive from Da Nang City hides such a quaint and beautiful tourist attraction. The ancient city of Hoi An is a historical international port. It has a history of more than 1,500 years and was listed as a cultural heritage site in 1999.

5 Ways to Experience the Ancient City of Hoi An

Be an Ao Dai girl for a day

Travel 141 | Ao Dai Girl

Experiencing the local traditional costume of Ao Dai is a must. Wearing Ao Dai while strolling in the alleys of the ancient city is a great experience, as well as a good photo opportunity.

Ride a boat to see the river lights on the Qiuben River

Travel 141 | Hoi An River

The classical atmosphere of the Chinese and Western blends in Hoi An is different at night. In the evenings, you can go to the river to see the lights and enjoy the scenery of the ancient city after nightfall.

Enjoy the sunset at Faifo Cafe – the highest cafe in the ancient city of Hoi An

Travel 141 | Faifo Cafe

The trendiest internet celebrity cafe in Hoi An is Faifo Coffee. It is located in the center of the ancient city, and also has rooftop seating for a great view while enjoying a cup of coffee. Not to mention it is also a great place to take photos.

Take a photo with the lantern wall

Travel 141 | Lantern Wall

Hoi An has a reputation for being the city of lanterns. When the night falls, the lanterns are lit beautifully, adding a touch of romance to the ancient city. It also forms a very unique landscape.

Visit Hoi An ancient house

Travel 141 | Ancient House

Although Hoi An is in Vietnam, it is influenced by Chinese characteristics and is known as Little Lijang in Vietnam. Hoi An was once the port of departure for the ancient Champa country to worship in China. Hundreds of years later, several halls and temples are still standing.

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