Fiji For Culture Enthusiasts | Cultural Things To See & To Do In The IslandFijian Warrior Dance | Image from Mark Snyder

From the food, festivals and the arts, the Fijian way of life is deeply rooted in its culture. What better way to experience Fiji’s vibrant – and happy – culture than to visit the destination and explore its time-honoured and revered landmarks and attractions. Situated in the South Pacific, the destination is sprinkled with many unique cultural sites and attractions across its 333 islands, making it perfect for fun-loving, culture-seeking families and couples.

Top Cultural Things To See & Do In Fiji

Visit Nadi Town

Fiji For Culture Enthusiasts | Cultural Things To See & To Do In The Island
Nadi Markets | Image from Chris McLennan

With an array of handmade handicrafts on display, Nadi Town’s handicraft markets are truly an arts and culture lover’s treasure trove. The handicraft market presents the perfect opportunity to find that special something at bargain prices! Locally made traditional gifts include handmade, carefully designed tapa cloths and wooden goods like mats, baskets, purses, fans, carvings and pottery.

Stop By The Fiji Museum

Discover Fijian culture, art and life at its museums. With 3,700 years of island culture, art and traditions, the island nation definitely has all the museums and art galleries that showcases the destination’s rich heritage. Located in Suva, the Fiji Museum is a red bricked establishment featuring a variety of ancient weapons and archaeological artefacts, including the 100-year-old double-hulled Camakau canoe.

Catch Vibrant Cultural Performances

Fiji For Culture Enthusiasts | Cultural Things To See & Do In The Island
Fire Warrior Drumming At Sunset | Image from Chris McLennan

When in Fiji, join in a time-honoured kava ceremony performed by locals at a Fijian cultural village to understand the whys’ and how’s behind a culturally-rich rite. Don’t miss out on the legendary Fire walkers and Meke Performances – you’ll be awed by the spectacle. Last but not least, savour traditional Lovo that’s cooked in the ground to cap off the experience.

Soak In The Beauty of Fiji’s Port Town Levuka

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic Port Town of Levuka on Ovalau Island is the first colonial capital of Fiji to be bestowed to the British in 1874. The tranquil town is backed by a dormant volcano which has several treks heading up towards the peak. Here, guided treks weave their way through time-honoured Fijian villages; Colonial buildings run the length of Beach Street while classic restaurants continue serving up cold drinks in the same way they did eons ago.

Stay in a Bure

Fiji For Culture Enthusiasts | Cultural Things To See & To Do In The Island
Pacific Harbour Arts Village Bure | Image from Tourism Fiji

Fiji has some wonderful time-honoured modern huts or “bure” – so check into one and stay overnight to experience true Fijian life, hospitality and cuisine with your family and or significant other.

So make Fiji the place to-go for your cultural holiday.