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Fiji For Food Lovers

Fiji For Food LoversSunset Image | Photo from Tourism Fiji

With its crystal-clear waters, pristine natural environment and farm-to-table organic produce, Fiji is a culinary heaven for both families and couples. From time-honoured Fijian fare to au-naturale international cuisine, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds and budgets. And with a diverse population that includes natives, Europeans, Indians and Chinese, food lovers can expect to find a satisfying variety of culinary offerings. Indulge in the finest and freshest flavours from the world’s happiest island nation – and eat, drink and be happy!

Top Things To-Do For Food Lovers

Taste Time-honoured Lovo

Lovo is a local delicacy that is cooked in an earth oven. Meats, fish and vegetables wrapped in banana or coconut leaves are then placed on top of the heated stones and simmered for a few hours, pending the quantity of the feast placed within. Lovo is typically prepared for communal celebrations and or ceremonies like weddings and festivals. Most resorts in Fiji host a lovo night once a week to introduce visitors to Fijian culture through food.

Stay Happy, Sample Kava

Fiji For Food Lovers

Kava with visitors | Photo from Mark Snyder

A trip to Fiji is never complete without savouring Kava, an earthy beverage that’s also the island nation’s national drink. Dried and pounded roots of the kava plant are mixed with water and shared as a symbol of acceptance and friendship. Presented in a bilo or coconut shell cup, drinking kava is an integral part of Fijian culture that’s also fun for travellers to partake!

Indulge In Fresh Seafood

Blessed with pristine waters all year-round, its no wonder Fiji’s seafood is always abundance. Whether its an artfully composed seafood platter or tastefully presented crayfish, crab and prawns dish by a seaside terrace, Fiji is dotted with plenty of unique cafes and restaurants that promises visitors a memorable dining experience.

Food Curry Crab | Photo from Tourism Fiji

Embark On A Tour Of Nadi Market and Cooking Class

Shop for cooking ingredients at Nadi Market, a large, casual bazaar selling all kinds of local fresh produce ranging from bananas to exotic, lesser-known items like the kava powder.

Spice up your visit the Fijian way by taking up a cooking class! Learn all about the South Pacific’s cooking style while enjoying a fun, hands-on activity. An excellent family-bonding activity, be inspired to create fresh, flavourful and healthy dishes – and create memorable memories. Travellers will also have the opportunity to savour the finest dishes and fresh catches.

Savour Kokoda

Fiji Food For Lovers

Fijian Food Kokoda | Photo from Tourism Fiji

A time-honoured fresh, simple and elegant dish, enjoy the fresh and zesty flavours of raw fish served in a bowl of coconut! Fish is cut into a fine dice and placed in a bowl and poured with lime juice and lemon, which naturally cooks the meat. Lovingly seasoned with pepper and coconut milk, the dish is then served.

Check Out Fijian Rum

The rich volcanic soils with virtually no erosion, mostly organically grown sugar cane and Fiji’s artesian water have resulted in an unrivalled flavour of Fiji’s rum. Like its island nation’s people-oriented culture, Fiji’s rum has the touch of people blended into its production, thus making it a neat choice for a drink with family and friends. Gift your loved ones a bottle of Fijian rum to show them your appreciation.

With so much to indulge, Fiji is the perfect destination for food lovers. Visit Fiji and check off the destination on your bucket list.