Activities To Do In Fiji

Top Activities To Do In Fiji For The Adventurous


Soft coral diving, quad biking, jet boating – Fiji has plenty to offer travellers seeking an island adventure. With its crystal clear lagoons, white sand beaches, lush green tropical rainforests, coastal sand dunes and mountainous terrains, the South Pacific country is the perfect vacation destination for the adventurous. Go off the beaten path and explore Fiji’s 333 islands!





Activities To Do In Fiji

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Dubbed the “Soft coral capital of the world”, Fiji is ideal for adventure seekers looking to explore the vibrancy of its vast underwater life. One of the best diving spots is the Rainbow Reef, Fiji’s popular site for scuba diving that’s nestled in the passage between Vanua Levu and Taveuni. The reefs are dense, with soft and hard corals packed tightly together to form mountains of life – some rising with enough verticality that divers can swim through the middle where tunnels form.



Experience the thrill of a high-speed ride above Fiji’s colourful coral reefs. Skim across the turquoise water, whizz round corners and shoot through narrow gorges! Promising adventure seekers half-an-hour of fun and thrill, choose from a number of jet boat operators to take you on an exciting, memorable ride.



Traverse Fiji’s lush green rainforest canopies on a zipline to experience its resplendent nature – waterfalls, rivers, mountain ranges and wildlife. One of the most popular attractions in the South Pacific, ziplining takes adventure seeking families and couples on a wonderful journey through nature. A perfect way to see Fiji’s alluring natural landscape, enjoy the breath-taking beauty that beckons from above.



Activities To Do In Fiji

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Embark on an immersive journey of Fiji on a quad bike. Venture through the destination’s pine forests, coastal sand dunes and plateaus. Stop by a cultural village and partake in a time-honoured kava ceremony with the locals. Combining adventure, sightseeing and cultural immersion all in one activity, Quad Biking is an ideal way to get around and get to know Fiji.



Activities To Do In Fiji

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Jump into a rubber raft and take a winding trip down Fiji’s unspoilt river to experience the destination’s astounding waterways and gorges. Along with fellow crew members, enjoy the thrills and excitement of white water rafting.



Activities To Do In Fiji

Photo from Tourism Fiji

What better way to see the beauty of Fiji’s islands than to hop on a scenic helicopter flight and or seaplane. Offering unparalleled bird’s eye views of the destination, fly over tropical rainforests, spectacular waterfalls and the Mount Evans Ranges – or even over the Mamanuca Islands!



Visit multiple islands for an adventure that’s like no other! With the Bula Pass, explore the Fiji Island’s awe-inspiring natural landscape, culture and heritage at your preferred pace. Join in the numerous fun-led Fijian activities when you hop from Yasawa islands to Mamanucas islands.



Fiji has plenty of scenic hiking trails that offer both adventure seekers and nature lovers the chance to experience the destination’s alluring beauty, as well as its culture and its people’s way of life. Embark on a longer hike to get to know the locals and how they live. Watch locals farm, hunt and fish. Visit villages that are off-the-beaten-track to get to know traditional kava hospitality. Savour farm-to-table organic produce and ask as many questions you can about Fijian life.


So what are you waiting for? With so much to see and do, Fiji is the perfect destination for adventure seekers. Visit Fiji and check off the destination on your bucket list.

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