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First Look: Ho Chi Minh City’s Urban Railway Project

Railway Project in Ho Chi MinhImage Source: livinginasia

Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Metropolitan Metro has been under construction since 2012, and the construction of 9 metro lines is proceeding as planned. The 19.7-kilometer Line 1 is 70% completed, and it is expected that 90% of the project will be completed by the end of this year and will be officially opened to traffic in early 2021.

Ho Chi Minh City Metro Line-1

Line 1 will connect 14 subway stations, via Ben Thanh Market (Central District 1), Grand Theatre, Balun Shipyard, Saigon River Elevated Rail, and then Xianquan Park in District 2 and Yongping District Terminus. Line 1 is currently the only subway line under construction in the city. Although the progress of the project has been delayed, the goal of officially opening to traffic in 2021 is just around the corner.

Benh Thanh Metro Station Project

Ongoing construction
Image Source: livinginasia

Rach Chiec Metro Station Project

Ongoing construction of stations
Image Source: livinginasia

Tan Cang Metro Station Project

Tan Cang station
Image Source: livinginasia

Grand Theatre Metro Station Project

Grand Theater station
Image Source: livinginasia

With the completion of the underground subway station of the Grand Theater, the construction has been demolished. A new park has been constructed before 30 April. The entrance to the subway station next to the park has been completed.

Thao Dien Metro Station Project by Hanoi Expressway

Thao Dien Station
Image Source: livinginasia

The concrete structure of the station on the viaduct has been completed, but the pedestrian bridge that starts to connect to the subway station is not yet been seen.

Ho Chi Minh City Metro Line-2

Ho Chi Minh Line 2
Image Source: livinginasia

Ho Chi Minh City Line 2 held a ground-breaking ceremony in 2015, but land acquisition is currently underway and construction is expected to start in 2021.

Ho Chi Minh City Metro Line 3A

Line 3A will be a derivative of Line 1 at Ben Thanh Station. It will be constructed in two phases, the first phase is a bus terminal to Mien Tay; the second phase will extend the line to Tan Kien Ward in the Pyeongchang district in the southwest corner of Ho Chi Minh City. This route is expected to be officially constructed in 2025 and completed in 2030.


The remaining subway station lines are still some days away from construction.

Officially welcome the first subway on 5 October

HCMC Metro Subway
Image Source: livinginasia

According to a post on HCMC METRO’s official Facebook page, Vietnam will officially pick up the first subway from Japan on 5th October. This time, it will welcome back 3 trains with a total length of 61.5 fans and a capacity of 930 passengers.

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