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Japan Travel Guide: 6 Must-try Japanese Fast Food Chains

Japan Travel Guide: 6 Fast food chains to try| Japan Travel Guide | Travel141

Japan, like any country in the world is home to their very own variety of fast food chains. Ideal for those travelling on a budget or who are always on the go, let our Japan travel guide introduce you to the top 6 Japanese fast food chains to try if you ever find yourself in the Land of the Rising Sun!

MOS Burger

Japan Travel Guide: 6 Fast food chains to try | Japan Travel Guide | Travel141Photo Courtesy: MOS Burger Facebook Page

MOS Burger has been around since 1972 when it first opened its store in Narimasu in Tokyo. It became one of Japan’s most famous fast food chains and in 1991, their first international branch opened in Taiwan. In March 2015, it has over 1700 stores not just in Japan but also across Asia, the Pacific and Oceania.

Their burgers are made to order and vegetables are sourced domestically and supplied daily so you can make sure to devour only the freshest and tastiest burgers in the country!

Must-try: MOS Burger ¥370, Teriyaki Burger ¥360 & Chili Dog ¥350


Aside from MOS Burger, another famous Japanese fast food chain which opened in 1972 is Lotteria. Coming from the famous Lotte, Lotteria – Japan’s unique burger joint has made a name for itself for offering specialty items such as their famous shrimp burger and several options of rice buns and noodles included on their menu.

Aside from the usual burgers, customers can also order fries, desserts, pies and a variety of drinks.

Must-try: Zeppin Cheese Burger ¥380, Ebi (Shrimp) Burger ¥360 & Teriyaki Burger ¥300

Freshness Burger

クラシックバーガー、クラシックチーズバーガー、アボカドバーガーの人気3メニュー。 美味しさと安心をたっぷり詰め合わせた、熱々ジューシーバーガーをどうぞ♪ #フレッシュネス小さな贅沢 #クラシックチーズバーガー #アボカドバーガー #クラシックチーズバーガー #フレッシュネス #フレッシュネスバーガー #ハンバーガー #ランチ #テイクアウト #昼食 #新鮮野菜 #肉好き #肉 #ハンバーガー好きとつながりたい #トマト #野菜 #手作り #ブレイクタイム #料理 #ごはん #おいしい #ハンバーガー大好き #キッチングラム #デリスタグラマー #料理好きな人と繋がりたい #いつものいただきますを楽しく #burgerlover #lunch #freshness

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With the goal to serve only the freshest ingredients that come with their delicious burgers, Mikio Kurihara founded Freshness Burger in 1992. Since then, Freshness Burger has become one of Japan’s famous burger joints serving delicious burgers. Also boasting an extensive menu, Freshness Burger captivates the customers’ hearts with a variety of offering from seasonal items to vegetarian options.

Must-try: Freshness Burger ¥380, Crispy Chicken Burger ¥390 & Salt Lemon Chicken Burger ¥390


Japan Travel Guide: 6 Fast food chains to try | Japan Travel Guide | Travel141

With 833 locations, Matsuya is among Japan’s biggest fast food chains offering their specialty beef bowls. It is as good as their competitor Yoshinoya but Matsuya offers cheaper options for customers. Aside from beef bowls, they also serve curry rice dishes and other set meals.

Curry House Coco ICHIBANYA

Japan Travel Guide: 6 Fast food chains to try | Japan Travel Guide | Travel141

Curry is a common meal in Japan and if you want to give it a try during your Japan travel adventure, the best place to go to is Curry House Coco. Here, you can customize the curry sauce, toppings, spiciness level and the amount of rice you put in. Aside from the Japanese-style curry rice sets, they also serve local comfort foods such as tonkatsu and omellete rice. Already craving this delicious Japanese food? Make sure to include Curry House Coco on your list of places to visit in Japan!


Japan Travel Guide: 6 Fast food chains to try | Japan Travel Guide | Travel141

Sushi lovers, we know that no Japan travel experience is complete without a taste of some authentic sushi and there’s no better place to grab a bite of your favourite Japanese local food than Hamasushi. This Japanese restaurant has more than 400 stores across the country and if that’s not enough proof that it is the go-to restaurant for your sushi fix, trying it out is the best way to go! Aside from making use of only the freshest and tastiest fish, here at Hamasushi, you can enjoy an order of sushi at a reasonable price without sacrificing the quality of sushi they offer.

Marugame Seimen

Japan Travel Guide: 6 Fast food chains to try | Japan Travel Guide | Travel141

Marugame Seimen, named after the city where you can find the best udon in Japan is a self-serving style Japanese restaurant. They’ve only been around in less than a decade but Marugame Seimen has proven that they’re here to stay for good, as they serve only the best udon you can find in Japan. Made fresh after you order, you can be assured that you taste freshly cooked udon perfect to fill up your energy after a day of sightseeing different Japan attractions.

Your holiday adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun doesn’t end in trying out the country’s fast food chains. To know more about the things to do in Japan and other places to include on your itinerary, read our Japan travel guides!

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