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Jeju Island: Know why everyone’s flying to this destination

The not-so-secret charm of Jeju Island| Jeju Island| Travel141

If you don’t live under a rock then you’ve probably already heard of Jeju Island. An island found in the south of Seoul, it is the country’s most popular island holiday destination. It is also known as South Korea’s Hawaii.

In 2013, it was recorded that about 10 Million visitors flew to Jeju Island and 70% of them were domestic tourists.

Wondering what delights these travelers to this South Korea destination? Go through our Jeju travel guide today and let us share with you the reasons why you should pack your bags and start your Jeju travel adventure soon!

Natural wonders everywhere

Natural wonders everywhereHallasan volcano crater

Get your cameras ready because everything in Jeju Island is instagrammable – especially the natural wonders.

Jeju Island – the largest island of Korea is home to a myriad of natural wonders. Here you’ll find Mount Hallasan, the country’s highest mountain. It has five trekking trails for hikers to choose from to reach the top and enjoy the stunning view. Aside from this dormant volcano, picturesque waterfalls and beautiful white sand beaches are among the other Jeju tourist spots that attract millions of tourists.

Jeju Travel Tip: There are two ways to appreciate the beauty of Hallasan – one is during winter when it is covered with white snow and another in fall when a blanket of colourful flowers is visible even from afar.

Unique and strange museums

Among the highly-visited Jeju attractions are the unique and strange museums on the island. Would you believe that there is a museum dedicated to teddy bears? Well, there is in Jeju Island! It is located in Jungmun Tourism Complex and the Teddy Bear Museum which opened in April 2001 has since been boasting its unique teddy bear collection.

The not-so-secret charm of Jeju Island | Jeju Island | Travel141Jeju Island’s Chocolate Museum | Photo Courtesy: Chocolate Museum

Another one of the island’s unique museums is the chocolate museum. It is a castle-like structure which was built with volcanic scoria. It has a vast garden in the front yard and surrounded by stone-made fences. When you enter the Chocolate Museum, you’ll be greeted by a cacao God statue – symbolizing chocolate festivities to come. The three-storey museum houses the gallery, chocolate store, café and theatre.
Admission / Participation Fees: 
Adults 6,000 won / Children 4,000 won
* Children (ages under 6), Seniors (ages 65 and more): Free

Step into a gallery of handicraft heritage in Dak Paper Doll Museum. Dak Paper is a Korean traditional paper. While it is usually used for painting and calligraphy, because of its colours and soft texture, Dak Paper is also used to make children’s toys.
Admission Fee: adult 6,000 won / Ages 14-19 5,000 won/ Ages 4-13 4,000 won

The not-so-secret charm of Jeju Island | Jeju Island | Travel141Everything about Hello Kitty at the Hello Kitty Island | Photo Courtesy: Korea Tourism Organization

Are you a Hello Kitty fan? Jeju’s Hello Kitty Island is for you!

Though it says “island”, it is actually a special exhibition hall on everything about Hello Kitty! It has three floors which feature a café, gift shop, art and music education halls, various galleries, playtime and 3D theatre.
Admission / Participation Fees: 
Individuals – Adults 12,000 won / Teenagers 11,000 won / Children 9,000 won
Groups – Adults 10,000 won / Teenagers 9,000 won / Children 7,000 won

Now, for some entertainment for the adults, Jeju Island brings you Love Land! It opened in November 2004 and the vast space of Love Land is home to 140 sculptures that represent eroticism and sensuality. The sculptures were made by the top graduates of Hongik University.
Admission Fee: 18yrs of age and above 9,000 won

Wide variety of scrumptious delights

Aside from the picturesque views, another reason why you should visit Jeju Island is the wide variety of scrumptious delights it offers!

Among other activities, one of the things to do in Jeju is taste the island’s excellent choices of delicious food! It is not difficult to find good food in the island – thanks to Jeju restaurants that are in close proximity to places of interest – great food is within arm’s reach.

The not-so-secret charm of Jeju Island | Jeju Island | Travel141Taste Jeju’s spicy hairtail stew for a hearty meal on the island

A popular dish among the locals and one which you shouldn’t miss out on when in Jeju is the spicy hairtail stew. It is a type of fish similar to an eel but not as slimy. It dies quickly, making it difficult to retain its freshness – though it has never been a problem in Jeju where they serve the freshest hairtail stew!

Manna Siktang – 43 Dongnyuam-ro, Seongsan-eup (316-1 Goseong-ri), Jeju

The not-so-secret charm of Jeju Island | Jeju Island | Travel141Are you ready to finish this bowl of seafood ramen?

Fill your appetite with mouth-watering seafood ramen made of rich and tasty broth with Korean noodles and fresh seafood! You can choose among mussels, crabs, octopus, and clams!

Yujae Deokui Mountain Yang Mountain Sam Seafood Ramen Restaurant – 150, Te Uhaean – Ro, Jeju


Olle Trails

The not-so-secret charm of Jeju Island | Jeju Island | Travel141Take a look at the scenic view of one of the Olle Trails

Jeju Island has over 20 walking paths or otherwise called as Olle Trails. You can choose to walk through all of them which range anywhere from 3 – 6 hours or pick one or two if you get tired easily. The long walk will take you to stunning beachfront views, picturesque mountain views, and other jaw-dropping locations.

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