About Travel141

About Travel141

Travel141 is your local travel guide in Asia!

Found in 2016, Travel141 has published numerous articles featuring suggested destinations. Through Travel141 blogs, we suggest popular places, things to do across Asia.

Travel141 About us

We help you find the best itineraries for Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Besides that, with our blogs, travelers can choose the best destination for their holidays across Greater China, Philippines & Southeast Asia.

We are the ultimate resource for travelers seeking to explore the best destinations in Asia and plan the most extraordinary road trip possible.

Therefore, family-friendly attractions to lavish spa retreats, stunning golf courses to one-of-a-kind conference venues, we put a new face on travel.

With our practical travel guides, we help you make confident travel decisions, by suggesting the best destinations and best itinerary through Asia’s most scenic highways and byways.

Most importantly, with us, anyone can connect with a local private driver, enjoy resources on medical tourism, and redeem rewards via our Partners Program.

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At Travel141, we speak your language. Certainly, we make your experience better. While we have our core site in English, it is also available in six different languages.

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Travel141 Story

The inspiration that led to creating Travel141 is fascinating. Our vision is to share the beauty to be discovered in every corner of Asia. To satisfy every traveler’s craving for an exciting adventure, the thirst for a fascinating experience and the hunger to land their feet on new & unexplored places.

Not just the major & popular destinations, but the unexplored & never seen before places, we aim at bringing the wanderlust dreams true, for travelers.

Our vision is to inspire people to travel the world. Also, to help them explore new heights and make new decisions for our customers. Finally, help you hop on a plane, sail on a boat and walk through unfamiliar cities, with confidence.

Every new experience brings you new memories. So start your journey with us and continue collecting those passport stamps. Take more of travel selfies and book plane ticket and make your journey a memorable one. Because facing a new adventure is a better way to live your life.

Above all, when people think of Travel141, we would like to be known as more than just a travel blog. We give our best to be the inspiration to live more, travel more and definitely let you explore more. Also, we aim to educate people about new destinations, new ways of travel and give you the best experience ever.

Our goal is to give the travel audiences a chance to experience every destination the way locals do. Ultimately, provide a more cultural and meaningful travel experience, through each of our travel articles.

For Press Releases or editorial support, you may email us at editors@travel141.com.
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