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Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of Your Long Weekend Getaway

Long weekend

Holidays give us a great opportunity to relax, unwind, and give ourselves a break from our busy days. Thus, we have been eyeing on the list of long weekends every year to plan how we will spend them. So, how can you make the most out of your vacation? Continue reading below to know how!


long weekend

No matter where you go – within your own country or overseas, always try to speak to locals. It is not only when asking for directions they will be helpful but also in learning more about the place, even the culture. As locals, they can tell you more about their home and it would definitely be a unique experience. Besides, it would be great to make new friends too!


long weekend

We won’t tell you to pack light or even pack heavy as you know yourself. Rather, we tell you to pack smart. How would this be? Just pack what you really need and what you think you will need. If it would turn out to be either only a backpack or tons of bags, what’s important is that you are complacent that you got everything you need. Also, come prepared because we’ll never know when emergencies will occur!


long weekend

From itineraries to hotel or car rental bookings, one of the most important things to do before your long weekend travel is planning. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste any minute during your travel, right? However, spontaneity isn’t being disregarded. In fact, it could make any getaway a more memorable one.

long weekend

Plan everything beforehand but don’t expect everything to turn how you exactly planned it. There may be some problems because they can’t be avoided. Just go with the flow! Aside from that, scout for the best travel deals online. Perhaps joining a travel club like Asia Travel Club (ATC) that can give you a free stay from one of their partner hotels in Asia could help. Yes, you read that right! Want to know more about it? Send them a message at


long weekend

Are you worried that no one will accompany you in your long weekend getaway? Don’t worry about it and do it! Don’t wait for anyone to be with you. Travelling alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. In fact, it would be a refreshing feeling to be able to explore a place all by yourself.

long weekend

“Don’t be. I assure you that once you go travelling, you are never really alone. You’re always bound to meet people along the way and they could eventually become your best friends for life. They may be locals or they may be travellers like you, and this whole process is one of the best gifts of travel that you should not miss out on.” – by Aileen Adalid, a Filipina digital nomad from her blog entitled: Top 15 Common Travel Excuses That Should Not Hold You Back!

So, whatever reasons you have that make you want to travel, those are enough for you to do it. There are so much more things, places, and people in the world that are yet to be discovered. As a matter of fact, those things are best to see with our very own eyes.


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