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Master’s Degree in Japan: Top 3 Universities in Tokyo That Offer English-Based Programs

Master’s Degree in Japan: Top 3 Universities in Tokyo That Offer English-Based Programs

Japan enjoys a high standard of living with low crime rates and sparkling clean streets, making it an attractive country to take a holiday in. The wide variety of food it has to offer, from sushi and ramen to sukiyaki and teppanyaki, gives tourists even more reasons to visit it. Not only is Japan great for a holiday, but it has also become a popular place for studying in recent years as Japan is home to some of the top universities in the world. Now that these universities offer programs in English, non-Japanese speakers are more than welcome to apply. This Japan travel guide will show you the top 3 universities in Tokyo that are currently offering graduate programs in English in the event that you are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Japan.


Master’s Degree in Japan: Top 3 Universities in Tokyo That Offer English-Based Programs
University of Tokyo | Photo Courtesy: University of Tokyo 

1. University of Tokyo

In 2018, the University of Tokyo was ranked 28th in the QS World Rankings, jumping up 11 spots from the previous year. It is considered the best university in Tokyo and one of the top two in Japan.


If you are interested in doing a Master’s program in Japan, the University of Tokyo has 15 different graduate schools, each offering a wide variety of programs to choose from. Most courses do not require the student to be able to speak or understand Japanese, which is good news for native English speakers. However, competition is stiff as most programs only admit 10 students annually.


Accommodation wise, the University of Tokyo has dormitories for international students who are studying in Tokyo. The housing office will ensure that you are well taken care of and provide support in any way so that you are able to live comfortably and safely. Should you wish to stay off-campus instead, the university can also act as a guarantor for you.



Campus Tour: Bookings required


Master’s Degree in Japan: Top 3 Universities in Tokyo That Offer English-Based Programs
Waseda University | Photo Courtesy: Waseda University 


2. Waseda University

Another top university in the capital of Japan, Waseda University makes for a great place to study in Tokyo. This Japanese university boasts an impressive list of achievements, having come out top in several rankings namely Best Known University, Dream University, and Most Attractive University amongst others.


There are 14 graduate schools at Waseda University and most have two intakes yearly; April and September. Regardless of the course of study you are interested in, this university in Tokyo is sure to have a program that tickles your fancy. Each program has an enrollment capacity of roughly 120 students per year and these alumni later go on to hold key roles in both the private and public sector.


Options for accommodation are also abundant as students can choose between Waseda University student dormitories and Waseda University affiliated dormitories. These dormitories serve as a great place for you to meet students from other countries as well as learn more about their culture. Depending on your preference, you could either stay in a single room or share a twin room with someone else.



Campus Tour: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays (conducted in Japanese) 2 pm – 3:30 pm


Master’s Degree in Japan: Top 3 Universities in Tokyo That Offer English-Based Programs
Sophia University | Photo Courtesy: Sophia University


3. Sophia University

Sophia University is a private tertiary institution in Japan and its excellence in undergraduate programs, world-class graduate programs, and rigorous research has led it to become a leading private university in Japan. Sophia University has already been offering programs in English for the past 60 years, making it a popular university choice among international students.


Choose from 10 graduate schools and 27 different Master’s programs at Sophia University! This academic institution in Tokyo offers some pretty interesting courses that other universities don’t such as Theology, which is the study of God and religious belief. Regardless of whether you wish to pursue an academic or professional career after you have obtained your Master’s degree in Japan, Sophia University is well-equipped to help you get to where you want to be.


Student dormitories are available for international students who need a place to stay. However, as Sophia University is located in the heart of Tokyo where rent is expensive, the student dormitories are all located in the suburbs in order to keep rental costs low for students. As such, students are advised to allocate 30 – 90 minutes of travel time to the university.



Campus Tour: Bookings required


Upon arrival in Japan, the first thing that you would likely want to do is to hit the streets and consume all the good food Tokyo has to offer. The fastest way to do so would be to hire a private car such that the driver can first take you to your lodging to offload your luggage followed by taking you to the food and shopping district. The Travel141 International Car Rental service will be launching soon so do subscribe to our newsletter below in order to receive regular updates.


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