Free Admission to Menara Alor Setar Tower from 1-31 July

Free Admission to Menara Alor Setar Tower from 1-31 JulyPhoto Source: Menara Alor Setar

If you’re looking for a place to go after being stuck at home during the MCO, head to the Menara Alor Setar Tower in Kedah Malaysia. Admission to the Observation Deck is currently free-of-charge for all from 1 to 31 July 2020.

This is in line with the attraction’s reopening this month, as posted on their Facebook page.

Additionally, the original admission price is RM12 for adults, and RM8 for children.

The limited offer is also open for its Starsky Restaurant & Lounge with special menu prices.

Here are the terms and conditions for your reference:

  1. Promosi ditawarkan kepada semua dan sah bermula dari tarikh PKP berakhir hingga 31 Julai 2020 untuk ke Pelantar Pemandangan (Observation Deck) di Menara Alor Setar. (Promotion is offered to all and valid from the date the CPP ends until July 31, 2020 for the Observation Deck at the Alor Setar Tower.)
  2. Lawatan ke Menara Alor Setar tertakluk kepada “Siapa Cepat Dia Dapat” dan kapasiti menara. (A visit to the Alor Setar Tower is subject to “How Fast He Can Be” and the capacity of the tower.)
  3. Semua pelawat perlulah mengikut SOP KKM dan norma sosial tempatan ketika berada di Menara Alor Setar. (All visitors must abide by the SOP of the MoH and local social norms while at the Alor Setar Tower.)
  4. Semua pelawat ditawarkan POTONGAN tiket 50% sekiranya melawat ke Star View (akan datang), sah sehingga tawaran berakhir. (All visitors are offered 50% off Tickets if they visit Star View (coming soon), valid until the offer expires.)
  5. Pihak Pengurusan berhak untuk mengubah terma dan syarat sekiranya perlu tanpa notis. (The Management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, if necessary, without notice.)

For more information, visit Menara Alor Setars social media pages and website as listed below:

Featured image by Menara Alor Setar Tower

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