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Ways to Earn ATCoins: Complete Mission with ATC PowerShare

Asia Travel Club (ATC) is a platform that connects influencers and hotel brands across the Asian region. Previously we have introduced what is ATCoins and its usage, so how can we earn more ATCoins? Introducing our new launch program, ATC PowerShare, a specific way to earn ATCoins as well as get engaged. Let’s find out! […]

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Ramada Plaza Chao Fah taps on Asia Travel Club for Effective Influencer Marketing

Fill with authentic and artistry building design, combined with the unique Thai/Peranakan heritage and culture, Ramada Plaza Chao Fah in Phuket promises to give you the best experience like no other. The hotel worked with Asia Travel Club (ATC) and was recently matched with China’s famous travel blogger and influencer Zhao Tao (@流浪蜀山人) via the […]

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5 Wonderful Islands To Visit In Indonesia Besides Bali

Whenever someone mentioned about islands to visit in Indonesia, the first thing that will come to mind would be Bali. Besides Bali, are there any islands in Indonesia that would catch your eyes? Let us find out some of these wonderful islands that are hiding behind the shades of Bali. Lombok Island In these recent […]

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Benefits of Joining ATC: ATCoins In Exchange For a Free Stay

Asia Travel Club (ATC) is a platform that connects influencers and hotel brands across the Asian region. In case you haven’t noticed, one of the benefits of joining ATC is getting ATCoins. Let us have a look and see what it provides. What is ATCoins? ATCoins is a point accumulative system for ATC users. It […]

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Food Hunting in Penang: 5 Delicacies That You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Most of the time, when people mentioned about Penang, the first thing comes into their head is none other than FOOD. Yes, Penang is food heaven and everybody knows it. Their succulent delicacies are somewhat irresistible and make you longing for more. Here are some of the food that you shouldn’t miss if you are […]

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