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Jeju Island: Know why everyone’s flying to this destination

If you don’t live under a rock then you’ve probably already heard of Jeju Island. An island found in the south of Seoul, it is the country’s most popular island holiday destination. It is also known as South Korea’s Hawaii. In 2013, it was recorded that about 10 Million visitors flew to Jeju Island and […]

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What makes medical spa in Singapore different from traditional day spa?

We understand how work-life balance isn’t so easy to sustain. From the never-ending to-do-list at work to the stressful demanding boss, it is so easy to neglect your need for a relaxing, alone time. But when it gets really toxic and the weekend calls for some well-deserved whole body massage, a foot spa or a […]

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Escape To Good Food at Farrer Park’s Escape Restaurant

If you love discovering hidden gems – aka restaurants that serve scrumptious, irresistible food – like we do, then our Singapore food guide today is a little treat for you! Following our one-stop guide on things to do in Farrer Park, we’re sharing with you a Farrer Park restaurant where you can enjoy exclusive and interactive […]

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5 Affordable romantic restaurants for you and your loved one

How much are you willing to spend just to dine in a romantic restaurant with your loved one? While others are more than willing to swipe their credit cards for a romantic dinner for two, not everyone’s idea of romance is the same. But one thing’s for sure, a romantic dinner calls for a delicious […]

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Travel worry free: Best Travel Insurance plans this summer 2017

Taking a break from your hectic schedule by the beaches of Boracay or Krabi this weekend? Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance and of course, lots of sunblock! Why Should I buy Travel Insurance? The million dollar question that eludes many. We all are frugal and optimistic travellers. Hoping to save every single cent so […]

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