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Melange Restaurant: Specialising in home-cooked Thailand food & Western classics

There is no better way to begin or conclude a culture-filled Bangkok travel experience by starting and ending it with local Thailand food! But where to start, you ask? Unravelling Thai cuisines begin once you step out of your Bangkok hotel. While the never-ending list of restaurants featured in Thailand travel blogs can be a […]

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Thailand Travel Guide: Make your way to the mountainous paradise of the land of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a fascinating alternative to the bustling city of Bangkok. With cleaner air and cooler climate, this Thailand travel destination–700km from the country’s capital city—boasts a calmer and more laid-back atmosphere. It also has a lush countryside that is just a short drive away from town. Although Chiang Mai doesn’t have the busy, […]

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Thailand Shopping Guide: 5 food souvenirs to take home from the Land of Smiles

Thailand is home to some of the most outstanding dishes in the world. Aside from Thailand shopping, one of the best things to do in Thailand is to eat delicious and mouth-watering Thai local food. From Thailand shopping malls to bazaars and night markets, the choices of the best food in Thailand is never-ending – […]

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Chinatown Food Scene: A delicious culinary journey of local delights

An iconic and historical enclave, Chinatown is a popular destination in Singapore that is visited by tourists every day. The numerous retail shops selling locally made items, decors and souvenirs make for an excellent Chinatown shopping experience. Moreover, the Chinatown food scene’s explosion of diverse dining options is a glorious culinary journey that one shouldn’t […]

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Singapore Food Guide: 3 Best hawker centres to taste local Singapore cuisine

Characterised by affordable yet tasteful Singapore food, hawker centres are the go-to culinary destinations of locals and tourists who want a taste of cheap yet quality Singapore local food. Spread out across the city, it is easy for tourists to spot these hawker centres as most of them are situated in popular Singapore attractions such […]

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