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Places That Should Definitely Appear in Your Pattaya Bucket List


Everyone has their very own travel bucket list, patiently waiting for the next opportunity to hop off to an island, dive under the marine world, or climb a volcano mountain, etc. You named it. But if you have the chance, make sure that to check out places that should definitely appear in your Pattaya bucket list.

Pattaya Bucket List 1: Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai)

Located on top of Pratumnak Hill, at approximately 100 meters above sea-level, stood an 18 meters, 40 feet tall, golden platted Big Buddha statue that gazed upon Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. It is the landmark of Wat Phra Yai, a temple that was built in the 1940s, and the iconic figure of Pattaya.

Travel141 | Places That Should Definitely Appear in Your Pattaya Bucket List | 1

This place has become more and more popular with tons of visitors flocked in to marvel at the intricate design of the temples and the fairy-tale-like stairways that were skirted with Naga. (Mystical dragons). If you tell people that you have been to Pattaya, this will be the number 1 place that rings their bells.

Pattaya Bucket List 2: Sanctuary of Truth

Call me spiritual or gothic, or whatever terms that you would like to use. But being true to yourself is a self-reflect method that everybody should give it a try, especially in the presence of the Sanctuary of Truth.

Travel141 | Places That Should Definitely Appear in Your Pattaya Bucket List | 2

The sanctuary itself is a carefully crafted monument that portrays the excellence in Thai craftsmanship. You can notice it with the detailed carvings of people, animals, creatures, deities and mythological beast both inside and outside the building.

Even without talking about religious or faith, just being in the presence of the atmosphere is merely astonishing. Even if regular dances and performances are happening, there seems to be a sense of serenity and peace succumb in the area. A place that should be included in your bucket list.

Pattaya Bucket List 3: Floating Market

How can you not be here, if you are a fan that appreciates traditional art and culture? The Pattaya Floating Market is a sight to behold, as they are rich in traditional Thai culture, and sold antiques and stuff that you most probably can only get it here.

Travel141 | Places That Should Definitely Appear in Your Pattaya Bucket List | 3

With spreading over 100,000 square meters and over a hundred shops around here, it is definitely a shopper’s paradise. More than that, the market is spread out into 4 sections, each section sold things from different regions of Thailand.

You can also wander through the water village with the boat which can only fit in 4 persons per ride. Typically, there will be people selling foods and souvenirs on their boats.

Pattaya Bucket List 4: Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

If you are a nature person, this is your perfect destination. Bloomed with blossom flowers, tall trees, and beautiful landscape garden, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is the exact place that you should spend your afternoon.

Travel141 | Places That Should Definitely Appear in Your Pattaya Bucket List | 4

This gorgeous garden covers 2.4 square kilometres of land, which can easily make a day trip here alone. What’s more impressive is that the garden is fully equipped with restaurants, accommodations, and daily cultural shows. Some of them said that the garden itself is like a maze. Prepare to get a-maze!

Pattaya Bucket List 5: Pattaya Viewpoint

In the evening, you would like to have an amazing sunset view of the city. Get yourself a stunning scenery by climbing up the Pratumnak Hill at Pattaya Viewpoint. You could have a clear view of the crescent bay and magnificent skyline.

Travel141 | Places That Should Definitely Appear in Your Pattaya Bucket List | 5

Feel the air breeze past you as you can enjoy some delicious Thai delicacies catered at the roadside hill. There are also some stalls here sell souvenirs and trinkets. Perhaps the best place for a relaxing evening.

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