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6 Travel tips to remember when planning a trip

Going on a trip, whether it’s a domestic or international one is a breather we all need – especially from our 9 – 5 work schedule and stress that accumulates from our everyday lives. But before you can enjoy the holiday you truly deserve, there’s nothing more important than making sure you are truly prepared for a few days off! So today, we will be sharing with you some travel tips and things to remember when preparing for a smooth-sailing trip that is one of the books!

Decide where to go

Travel tips in planning your vacation | Travel Tips | Travel141

First of all, you have to decide where you want to go. Is it an out of town trip or an overseas adventure in one of the world’s famous tourist spots? Are there Singapore restaurants you plan to visit or Bangkok attractions you want to go to? Deciding on your location will help you plan out the rest of your trip.

How long will you be on vacation?

Travel tips in planning your vacation | Travel Tips | Travel141

Will it be a quick weekend getaway or an extensive week-long vacation? The number of days for your trip will also set the amount of budget, clothes and essentials you will need. How many Singapore attractions or places to visit in Hong Kong do you want to cover?

Make a checklist of things to bring

Travel tips in planning your vacation | Travel Tips | Travel141

To be sure that you won’t forget important documents and things you need for your vacation, make a list of all these essentials and check them off once you’ve packed them in your bags!

Travel Tip: You can either use a mobile app or note everything in a handy notebook – whichever works best for you.

Research on your destination

Travel tips in planning your vacation | Travel Tips | Travel141

This is especially important for overseas trips where your destination is a place you and your friends have never been to. Know about the different modes of transportation, the weather during your travel dates, currency plus places where you can exchange your money. If you’re going to Thailand, you can check out different Thailand travel guides to help you out with more important details you need about your destination.

Plan your itinerary

Travel tips in planning your vacation | Travel Tips | Travel141

Being spontaneous has its ups and downs. Unless you’re a traveller that is willing to spare hours getting lost in a completely new environment, planning your itinerary is the best way to go. What are the things to do in Manila that you don’t want to miss out? Do you want to visit all the Bangkok shopping malls for some serious shopping haul? You don’t need to strictly follow everything on your travel itinerary but rather use it as a guide for a smooth-sailing holiday vacation. This also helps you save time and cover more important attractions you want to visit.

Travel Tip: Also check how long do you need to be in each attraction and which ones are located in the same area to help you navigate easily.

Download important mobile apps

Travel tips in planning your vacation | Travel Tips | Travel141

Thanks to our evolving world, there are now apps to cater to almost everything you need. There’s an app to track the weather, an app to let you know which train and buses to take and apps that can help you translate. Certain countries like Japan and Korea have designated mobile apps for their public transportation. Since these apps are designed for tourists, you can be certain that they are user-friendly and can help you save time and energy when exploring their countries!

Have the best time of your life

Travel tips in planning your vacation | Travel Tips | Travel141

Embrace the new culture, meet new people, taste the local cuisine, capture that beautiful scenery. Do everything and have the best time of your life. It’s not every day that you’re given the chance to escape the confinements of your desk office and explore a totally new place. Make each day count and remember the people and experience you’ve learned!

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