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Kenzie Spa & Nails: A nail salon in Singapore for your pampering session

Nail salons in Singapore have become more than a place to get your nails done. These Singapore attractions have given pampering a whole new meaning, providing more relaxing services other than just mani-pedi, hand massages and foot spas. This makes these nail salons in Singapore a way to cap off a busy weeknight or to […]

Manila attractions: 5 Pet Cafes to visit for a furry day in Manila

If you’re on a close watch with our travel guides then you’ve probably already read about the Manila attractions we’ve shared in the past such as fun indoor activities and Metro Manila’s hidden bars. But today we will be featuring something a little out of the ordinary that will sure to spark some interest with animal […]

Thailand Travel Guide: 12 Bangkok Street Food You Must Try

Bangkok’s street food has been ranked by CNN as the world’s no 1 for two consecutive years, 2016 and 2017. And anyone who has tasted these Thai local foods can attest to the uniqueness in flavour and texture of these Bangkok foods. For those who haven’t, don’t you worry because we have compiled a list […]

5 Loft-Style Singapore hotels for your staycation

  Have you ever had the feeling where you just want a break from work stress and book a night in a hotel? Staycations are slowly becoming a thing now where instead of planning an out of town trip; a stay in a hotel can suffice. With the variety of Singapore hotels all over the […]

Malaysia Travel Guide: 8 Destinations for a weekend getaway in Malaysia

Considering how close Malaysia is to Singapore, it is no wonder that it is one of the choices for a quick weekend getaway. From time to time, we all need a break from the busy work schedule and deadlines. Going on a weekend trip is a breath of fresh air. Which lead us to feature […]

Thailand travel: 5 Must-See temples to visit in Bangkok

Thailand is home to over 40,000 centuries old Buddhist temples and some relatively new ones. As they hold a cultural and historical significance in the country, a Thailand travel experience is never without a visit to these holy and stunning architectures. If you are travelling to Thailand’s capital city, you don’t need to go far […]

6 Travel tips you need to know about driving abroad

Exploring a new country is one of the enjoyable things when travelling. With endless roads to discover, sights to see and things to try, a travel abroad gives you the right amount of adventure and excitement you need. While most travellers prefer using the local transportation to get to their destinations, some want to have […]

Chill and drink the night away in Manila’s hidden bars

Speakeasies also known as “blind pigs” or “blind tigers” became a thing during the US Prohibition era in 1920’s. During this time, purchasing alcoholic drinks was banned and people ventured into secret cocktail bars. Inspired by this era, Manila became home to a handful of speakeasies which are frequented by locals. For the much needed […]

Malaysia Travel Guide: Navigate your way to KL with the city’s transportation network

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city has always been a diverse destination to go to. The towering skyscrapers, numerous natural attractions and colonial architecture that are often featured in Malaysia travel guides are interesting sights to see when visiting this city. One of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in the local culture of Malaysia […]

10 Best Luxury Hotels in Asia

If you’re planning to explore Asia anytime soon and want to travel in luxury, you might want to check out our travel guide today. We put our spotlight on the 10 best luxury hotels in Asia where you can experience some of the grandest and lush services as well as accommodation. From beach front hotels […]

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