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Shopping in Bangkok: Platinum or Pratunam?


Thailand itself is well known as shopping heaven for tourist, no introductions needed. But where can you get the best out of your shopping experience? Is it Chatuchak, Siam Reap or Asiatique? We will check out the two P’s – Platinum or Pratunam to see which the best place to shopping in Bangkok is.

Platinum Fashion Mall

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Located in the centre of Pratunam area district, this 4-storey shopping mall stood tall with 1300 shops available inside, specialized in wholesale fashion, clothing and accessories. More than that, haggling can be fun here!

Fashion displays are abundant over here, from man’s and women’s clothing to leathers, shoes, children wear, jeans, gowns, undergarments, wigs, belts, handbags, hats and cosmetics. You name it, they have it.

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The location is pretty convenient if you are taking the BTS Skyline, as it was only 10 minutes away from Chidlom station. There is also a large food court inside, suitable for those who want to sit down and recharged before continuing on their shopping spree

There are some tips on shopping in Bangkok, as you can get 10% to 30% discounts if you purchase more than 3 items in one go. Tourist often found shopping in Platinum Mall is fun and cheap. The mall’s operating hours start from 10 am till 10 pm daily.

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Pratunam Market

Notice the difference in the title of the shopping places? One is Mall, the other is Market, that’s the difference. In Pratunam Market, you can get all kinds of products in the cheapest possible prices available.

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Pratunam market is a typical old-style market, with a labyrinth of stalls and passageways. If you missed on buying something in a particular stall, chances are you will never going to find it again, as if you are right in the middle of a clothes maze. Apart from that, they do sell hand-made embroideries and costumes, which you can never get in any other places.

However, if you enjoy shopping, do slow down the pace and observe the market, you will be surprised that it is immersion on the local way of life in Bangkok. Vendors are working on sewing machines, packing and unpacking stuff, pushing carting trolleys up and down.

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There also happens to some are whispering and gossiping, or some silently sewing up the tiny jewels on embroideries. It emits an aura of originality and authenticity revolve around the market that separates them from other air-conditioned malls.

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As the main target for Pratunam market is aiming towards lower and lower-middle-class buyers, the prices here are already cheap here. You can still bargain over prices, but do take note on one thing – prices reflect quality. There is also a ground-rule here: No exchange, no trying, and no refund.

So… Who’s better?

Whether you like to be in an air-conditioned mall or an authentic market, they both guaranteed you a one of a kind experience for shopping in Bangkok. Besides, they are located in the same area and just a few streets away. The next time you visited Bangkok, make sure to check out on these two shopping locations!


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