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Bugis Food Guide: 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Cafés and Restaurants

The Bugis neighbourhood is a known cultural basin in Singapore. The streets are lined with restaurants and cafés, and almost every culture is represented. With its vast variety, you won’t run out of things to do in Bugis, especially places to visit for delicious food. And because of the abundance of Bugis cafés and restaurants, we’ve rounded up some of the best. Here’s the ultimate Bugis food guide for Singapore’s resident hipster neighbourhood.

Looksee Looksee

10 Best Hipster Cafés and Restos | Bugis Food Guide | Travel141The pastel-hued interior of Looksee Looksee | Photo Courtesy: Looksee Looksee

When you have to hide from the scorching sun and the city humidity, there’s no better solution than to find a cosy café that’ll keep your tummy full and yourself thoroughly entertained. And when you’re in Bugis, food is easy to find. We found the perfect haven in Bugis filled with books you can browse (and take home!). This mini library/reading room and tea house fusion is the perfect weekend spot for some quiet time and R&R. The bright, pastel interior is such an eye candy you’ll find yourself overstaying every time.

Looksee Looksee is located at 267 Beach Road Singapore 199545.

Tolido’s Espresso Nook

10 Best Hipster Cafés and Restos | Bugis Food Guide | Travel141Perfect cup for that photo op | Photo Courtesy: Tolido’s Espresso Nook

Everybody needs some caffeine boost from time to time. Coffee is big in the Bugis food arena but before you think Tolido’s Espresso Nook is exactly the same with hundreds in the area, you might want to know that this café will save you a few bucks compared to other places.

Tolido’s is known for good quality coffee at a much lesser price. Head over to Tolido’s for a nice cup of coffee and their famous all-day breakfast without breaking the bank. Plus points, their generous serving size is good for the ‘gram (and your tummy!).

Tolido’s Espresso Nook is located at 462 Crawford Lane, #01-63.

OMB! Café

10 Best Hipster Cafés and Restos | Bugis Food Guide | Travel141A bacon fest | Photo Courtesy: OMB! Café

Everyone loves bacon. This greasy, all-time favourite comfort food is loved enough that a café is dedicated to its goodness. OMB! Stands for Oh my bacon!, which is basically what you will say when you see their menu.

The bacon theme runs from the different kinds of pasta to creamy mushroom soups. Don’t forget to try their sweet and savoury bacon ice cream, which is a match made in heaven. Surprising yes, but Bugis food is bound to be all sorts of crazy after all. Their unique selection will give your feed a twist.

OMB! Café is located at 462 Crawford Lane, #01-63 Singapore 190462.


10 Best Hipster Cafés and Restos | Bugis Food Guide | Travel141Tacos, Burritos, Salsa, and Guac | Photo Courtesy: Afterwit

Mexican food is always a good Bugis food idea. And an even better idea is when it’s accompanied by great music from the local scene. Afterwit is right up your alley if you’re looking for cheap grub and great music. It’s got everything from your favourite brunch selection like eggs benedict to bestselling chicken Cajun tacos. Of course, it’s not really a Mexican place if they don’t have great tacos. Bonus tip: head over there on a weekday and enjoy set lunch starting from $13 nett!

Afterwit is located at 778 North Bridge Road Singapore 198746.

The Lab SG

10 Best Hipster Cafés and Restos | Bugis Food Guide | Travel141Inside the Lab | Photo courtesy of The Lab SG

Our Bugis food guide found the perfect place for the geek in you. The Lab SG is a cool laboratory themed café that offers great Halal and vegan selection. The Lab SG’s interior mimics a mad scientist’s lair and the food is served in flasks and beakers. How awesome is that? Bonus points to their famous Breaking Bad-inspired menu. Fans of the hit American series will flock to get a real life taste of the Heisenburger.

The Lab SG is located at 1 Jalan Pisang #01-01 Singapore 199069.


10 Best Hipster Cafés and Restos | Bugis Food Guide | Travel141The morning fix | Photo Courtesy: Artistry

We believe that there are two great things in the world: Bugis food and art. Fortunately, that’s what Artistry is all about. This hipster hangout serves scrumptious grub but beyond that, it’s an avenue for poetry readings and musical performances. This minimalist café is full of art from its walls down to their lattes. It’s an art haven worth a visit in the hip area of Bugis.

Artistry is located at 17 Jalan Pinang Singapore 199149.

Hyde & Co.

10 Best Hipster Cafés and Restos | Bugis Food Guide | Travel141A proper feast | Photo Courtesy: Hyde & Co.

The extensive tea menu, not to mention sharing the name of a famous London park, is heaven for English fanatics. This café is the perfect hideaway spot for when you want a lazy weekend or a Friday night hangover cure.

Did we mention that brunch is served until 5 pm?  And tea is essentially the cure for everything. The minimalist interior gives a cosy vibe perfect for lounging around and the food is served picture-perfect, ready for Instagram. Hyde & Co is a must-go for the complete Bugis food experience.

Hyde & Co. is located at 785 North Bridge Road Singapore 198753.

Paper Crane

10 Best Hipster Cafés and Restos | Bugis Food Guide | Travel141Meal + beer combo | Photo Courtesy: Paper Crane

Paper Crane is another hole-in-the-wall café you will surely miss if you’re not looking. Squeezed within the premises of Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations, this tiny place (sits a maximum of five) serves food big on the belly.

From the Western staples such as Southern-style fried chicken to Asian fusion like their must-try Thai pan-fried sea bass burger, this café serves one of the best Bugis food in the area. Cap off the hearty meal with their craft beers and you’ll find yourself in a food coma. As if their generous serving is not enough, they have different promos assigned each day such as one-for-one chicken on Mondays and $10 fish and chips on Wednesdays. The best part is service charge in non-existent here.

Paper Crane is located at 96 Waterloo St Singapore 187967. 


10 Best Hipster Cafés and Restos | Bugis Food Guide | Travel141Brunch at Symmetry | Photo Courtesy: Symmetry

We can’t have a list of Instagram-worthy Bugis food cafes and restaurants without Symmetry. This place goes to our hipster friends out there. Pop art posters and rustic, vintage décor dominate the interior. The eerie ambience of old school brick wall and a mixture of metal and wooden hardware is a sight to see. With some indie, coffee house music playing in the background, this is the perfect place to sip your cold brew coffee on a hot afternoon.

Symmetry is located at 9 Jalan Kubor Singapore 199206.


10 Best Hipster Cafés and Restos | Bugis Food Guide | Travel141The industrial, warehouse-inspired  interior | Photo Courtesy: LOWERCASE

The name itself is worthy enough of attention. The irony behind LOWERCASE styled in all capital letters really says something about the clever minds behind this bar and restaurant. This airy, spacious warehouse-like place is perfect for chilling out and lounging around. The industrial interior, with its high ceiling and wooden pallets for chairs and tables, is made cosy with pillows as an attempt to make it homier. LOWERCASE serves pizzas and pasta with a side of craft brewed beers. If you’re sold already, add LOWERCASE to your next Bugis food trip.

LOWERCASE is located at #01-01 Block D LASALLE College of the Arts 1 McNally St Singapore 187940.

If you’re planning a Singapore trip soon, Bugis is a visit you can’t miss. Bugis restaurants and cafés are a must try in Singapore food culture. With its hip and cultured neighbourhood, there are just so many things to do in Bugis. Can’t get enough of Bugis food? Visit this blog for travel tips and ideas.

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