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Singapore Food Guide: Yu Pin Steamed Seafood’s fresh seafood will leave you wanting for more

Steaming is a way of cooking food that helps retain the minerals and richness of each ingredient. This valued cooking method made its way to some Singapore local restaurants in the early months of 2016. It is believed that this was inspired by a trend from Hong Kong and Korea, and since then, it gave Singapore food culture a twist and a number of Singapore restaurants have been using it as well.

Among these restaurants is Yu Pin Steamed Seafood which opened last September 2016 and has been serving Singapore food both locals and foreigners love.

Must try food steamed to perfection | Singapore Food | Travel141

Yu Pin Steamed Seafood serves only the freshest seafood

Yu Pin Steamed Seafood has been giving steamed delicacies a new meaning. Although steaming is a healthier way of cooking food, some don’t find it to be as flavourful as stir-fried, roasted or braised Singapore food. But Yu Pin Steam Seafood’s tasteful and delectable dishes prove it otherwise.

Only the freshest and premium seafood, vegetables and meats are cooked in Yu Pin Steamed Seafood.

Once you’ve chosen your ingredients, these will be cooked in a steam pot where underneath are raw rice grains, soup and other components that make up an enticing and mouth-watering porridge. All the juices from your chosen ingredients will drip to the bottom of the pot – adding flavour to the porridge which you can eat once all the steaming is done.

Must try food steamed to perfection | Singapore Shopping | Travel141Tian Di No. 1 Apple vinegar drink

You can start your journey of tasting some of the best food of Yu Pin Steamed Seafood with their Apple vinegar drink. The Tian Di No.1 brand is popular in Guangzhou and is usually ordered when eating seafood.

Must try food steamed to perfection | Singapore Shopping | Travel141French Oysters garnished with spring onions

Savour the goodness of their French oysters garnished with spring onions and let the delicious natural flavour burst into your taste buds.

Yupin Steam Seafood, Must try food steamed to perfection | Travel141

Yu Pin Meatball Platter: Cheese beef balls+ Salted egg pork balls+ Matsutake chicken balls.

Now, bring in some meat in that steam pot and let Yu Pin Meatball Platter introduce itself. This is among the newest Singapore food served in Yu Pin Steamed Seafood. It includes cheese beef balls, salted egg pork balls and Matsutake chicken balls.

Must try food steamed to perfection | Singapore Shopping | Travel141Steamed Chicken With Yam: Chicken with yam and mushroom

Next is their steamed chicken with some delicious yam and mushroom.

Must try food steamed to perfection | Singapore Shopping | Travel141Steamed bean Vermicelli with Kagoshima pork Steamed bean Vermicelli with Kagoshima pork

And last but definitely not the least is their steamed bean Vermicelli with Kagoshima pork that will be steamed to perfection.

There is a given time for steaming each of the Singapore food to maintain the flavour. Garlic soya sauce, sweet Thai chili sauce and lime chili sauce are also available for those who prefer a stronger flavour for their dishes.

Must try food steamed to perfection | Singapore Shopping | Travel141The creamy mushroom soup with fresh salad and 3 available sauces

Now it’s time for you and your special friend to experience the goodness of Singapore food Yu Pin Steamed Seafood promises to all its customers. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by visiting them in any of the following dates: 13 Feb – 19 Feb. The first 5 couples who will order any of their Set Menus on the specified days will enjoy a free geoduck.

Of course, you can always come back even after Valentine’s Day as their fresh Singapore food are here to stay. So make sure to add Yu Pin Steamed Seafood on your Singapore food guide if you don’t want to miss the chance to experience the finest cuisine served in Singapore.

Note: Phone reservations during the Valentine’s Day promo period are not accepted. Only walk-ins will be entertained.

Name : Yupin Steam Seafood

Address: 470 North Bridge Road, #01-05  Bugis Cube, Singapore

Post number: 188735

Hotline: 62649266


Opening Hours: 7 days from 11:30am to 11:30 pm

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