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FIT travel in Singapore: The Lion City’s favorite durian revealed

The essence of FIT travel in Singapore? Eating durian like a local. While most travel guides recommend a trip to Geylang for your first contact with the uniquely fragrant “king of fruits”, the local’s favorite sits at another phonetically similar yet entirely different site, Ghim Moh – where the humble stall of Ah Seng Durian satiated Singaporeans’ lust over the gelato-esque texture of durian flesh for more than 30 years.

Photo credit: Ah Seng Durian

The fruit texture to die for: Ah Seng Durian.

Feverishly busy on most days, Ah Seng Durian takes pre-orders, which you may call to indicate your choice of durian type, quantity, and collection time in advance. Expect a queue though even when you have made your reservations. Good things come to those who wait, after all: Imagine the highest quality of durians, freshly picked in the morning from Malaysia, and expressly transported over the causeway to Singapore by 2pm on the same day. When you sink your teeth in its thick, dense, ultra-creamy flesh, you would have mentally scheduled a revisit in your itinerary.

Photo credit: Ah Seng Durian

Ah Seng Durian: Legit-ly Shiok.

Indeed, as you wait in line, take a moment to look around you. You will notice the locals, who would buy the fruit not in pairs, nor even bags, but by the boxes. These Lion City inhabitants certainly did not achieve their kiasu fame for nothing.

Opening Hours: 12:30-20:30, Monday to Friday
Pre-Order Hotline: +65-94656160
Address: Blk 20 Ghim Moh Market, #01-197, Singapore 270020

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