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Things to Do in Singapore: 5 Festivals in Singapore You Shouldn’t Miss

  From the architectural aspect of the buildings to the abundance of parks and trees, these are what Singapore is most known for, being the most modern city in Southeast Asia. The cultural differences are evident as the people are a mixed fusion of races – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab, and English. Aside from the […]

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Uncover local gems: Things to do in Orchard Road

Heading to town, but do not know what are the things to do in Orchard road? Why not be a hipster for a day and uncover unique Singaporean talents and tease your taste buds with locally created flavours? Kick start your Singapore travel with this Orchard Travel guide, which promises you a good twist to […]

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5 Best Restaurants to Sample Singapore food in Orchard Road

Orchard Road in Singapore is known to be the retail and entertainment hub of the Lion City. However, along with these high-fashion and luxury brands is a long list of restaurants offering Japanese, Thai, Korean and most especially, Singapore food. The abundance of restaurants along this 2.2 km stretch provides endless options for locals and […]

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Takashimaya is re-defining the Singapore shopping experience

Aside from the endless discovery of mouth-watering dishes, one of the things to do in Singapore is shopping. And this city is abundant of shopping centres that make Singapore shopping an incomparable experience. Packed with shopping malls from left to right, there is a wide range of places to shop in Singapore that sometimes makes […]

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Shopping promos to watch out for on Orchard Road

Singapore is visited by millions of tourists all year round because of a number of reasons. But needless to say that its unique shopping experience is something that these tourists come back for. While there are a lot of places to shop in Singapore, nothing beats the ultimate shopping experience when one visits Orchard Road. […]

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