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5 Tips For A Memorable Songkran Festival In Thailand

Songkran Festival In Thailand

It is now April and the much-awaited Songkran Festival in Thailand is fast approaching. Have you prepared yourself yet? Make the most out of it by reading these tips below on how you can make your celebration more fun and memorable one!


Songkran Festival In Thailand

Since you are expected to get wet, wear clothes that will dry quickly. Also, remember not to wear anything white as it may make you uncomfortable. During Songkran Festival in Thailand, you will see locals wearing colourful floral / Hawaiian-inspired shirts. There are shops around where you can buy those if you wish to wear something like that too. Just wear what makes you comfortable the most!


Songkran Festival In Thailand

You can’t expect to be dry during Songkran Festival in Thailand unless you stay inside your hotel room all day long. So, you have to prepare a waterproof bag where you can put the stuff you are going to take with you. Aside from waterproof bags, you may also bring a waterproof camera to capture moments during Thai New Year. You can also buy a waterproof necklace where you can keep your phone dry and let you take pictures through the clear plastic.


Songkran Festival In Thailand

During the celebration of this Thailand festival, expect that many people will be out and about to participate in the massive water fight. Thus, taking public transportation that would go through the streets isn’t recommended since the streets will be blocked by so much people. If you still wish to do so, just expect that your travel time will be so much longer than usual.


Songkran Festival In Thailand

We know Songkran Festival as the most fun water festival in the world. However, despite that, some people choose to celebrate it in a traditional way. Spend a day by visiting one of the temples in Thailand to witness how people celebrate the festival in a religious and traditional way. It would be also a great way to take a break from the water gun battles.


Songkran Festival In Thailand

The most important thing to keep in mind so you can make the most out of the Songkran Festival celebration in Thailand is to have fun! Gain new friends by meeting locals and other tourists. Dance and sing your heart out as the DJs play their music during street parties. Savour every fun moment of this festival but never forget to still abide by the rules and respect Thai culture.


Songkran Festival In Thailand

Expect local and foreign tourists to fill different places in Thailand. Hence, booking a place to stay might be hard and may be quite expensive compared to the usual price since it is a peak season.

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