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5 Simple Steps to Sign Up as Travel Influencer with ATC

Travel141 | 5 Simple Steps to Sign up as Travel Influencer with ATC | Cover Photo 10 July

Being an influencer, you are a Pro in using Instagram and other social media platforms. But coming to follow instructions, probably not. Fred not! Just follow these 5 simple steps and you can sign up now with ATC in becoming a travel influencer.

Step 1: Sign up as an INFLUENCER by using Messenger or WeChat

The first step in getting started with ATC is through Messenger or click here. We are also available in WeChat as well. If you are scratching your head and had no idea where it is, we made it up for you. Please scan the QR Code Below.

Travel141 | 5 Simple Steps to Sign up as Travel Influencer with ATC | WeChat QR Code

Step 2 Fill in your details and social media profile

Needless to say, fill in all your data as required by ATC and don’t forget to attach a copy of your photo, preferably a mugshot of your face shown clearly. You might also want to add in as much social media profile that you have, to show your versatility in managing various types of social media platforms,

Travel141 | 5 Simple Steps to Sign up as Travel Influencer with ATC | Sign up page

Step 3: Select the Country and Hotel that you desire

Once you have done with the sign-up process, select the country and hotel that you would desire to stay with. ATC has provided more than 20 hotels across Asia, from Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

Travel141 | 5 Simple Steps to Sign up as Travel Influencer with ATC | Select Hotel

Step 4: Choose the nights of stays and social actions

After clicking onto the desired hotel, you will have to choose the number of nights that you wish to stay (Maximum 3 nights). As an influencer, you would also be given the option of social activities that you can deliver to the hotel. (At least 3 social actions) You could also leave some notes for the Hotel to increase your chances of being selected. For more information, you can refer to the Social Action Guidelines provided at the Social Action Guidelines column.

Travel141 | 5 Simple Steps to Sign up as Travel Influencer with ATC | Social Actions

Step 5: Submit and Wait for Approval

Yes, yes. This is the torturing part of the whole process. Once the request has been submitted, you would have to wait patiently for their reply. Sometimes it could take up to a week for them to reply on your application status.

Meanwhile, you can like and follow on ATC Facebook and Instagram Page to know more ATC and how to become a travel influencer while waiting for your request.

Chat with us on Messenger at to find out more about ATC!


Asia Travel Club #ATC #staysforstories
Powering Asia Travel Influencer Campaigns via Messenger & WeChat


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Travel Tips

Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of Your Long Weekend Getaway

Long weekend

Holidays give us a great opportunity to relax, unwind, and give ourselves a break from our busy days. Thus, we have been eyeing on the list of long weekends every year to plan how we will spend them. So, how can you make the most out of your vacation? Continue reading below to know how!


long weekend

No matter where you go – within your own country or overseas, always try to speak to locals. It is not only when asking for directions they will be helpful but also in learning more about the place, even the culture. As locals, they can tell you more about their home and it would definitely be a unique experience. Besides, it would be great to make new friends too!


long weekend

We won’t tell you to pack light or even pack heavy as you know yourself. Rather, we tell you to pack smart. How would this be? Just pack what you really need and what you think you will need. If it would turn out to be either only a backpack or tons of bags, what’s important is that you are complacent that you got everything you need. Also, come prepared because we’ll never know when emergencies will occur!


long weekend

From itineraries to hotel or car rental bookings, one of the most important things to do before your long weekend travel is planning. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste any minute during your travel, right? However, spontaneity isn’t being disregarded. In fact, it could make any getaway a more memorable one.

long weekend

Plan everything beforehand but don’t expect everything to turn how you exactly planned it. There may be some problems because they can’t be avoided. Just go with the flow! Aside from that, scout for the best travel deals online. Perhaps joining a travel club like Asia Travel Club (ATC) that can give you a free stay from one of their partner hotels in Asia could help. Yes, you read that right! Want to know more about it? Send them a message at


long weekend

Are you worried that no one will accompany you in your long weekend getaway? Don’t worry about it and do it! Don’t wait for anyone to be with you. Travelling alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. In fact, it would be a refreshing feeling to be able to explore a place all by yourself.

long weekend

“Don’t be. I assure you that once you go travelling, you are never really alone. You’re always bound to meet people along the way and they could eventually become your best friends for life. They may be locals or they may be travellers like you, and this whole process is one of the best gifts of travel that you should not miss out on.” – by Aileen Adalid, a Filipina digital nomad from her blog entitled: Top 15 Common Travel Excuses That Should Not Hold You Back!

So, whatever reasons you have that make you want to travel, those are enough for you to do it. There are so much more things, places, and people in the world that are yet to be discovered. As a matter of fact, those things are best to see with our very own eyes.


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The Best Influencer Marketing Program For Travel And Hospitality Brands

Influencer marketing

People get so overwhelmed at work every week that they opt now for a staycation on a weekend to give themselves time to unwind and relax. With the booming hotelier industry across Asia, how would you make sure that customers would choose you and even go back to you? That being said, tapping into the power of social media through influencer marketing is an opportunity for hotels like yourself should consider.


Influencer marketing

There are countless ways on how you can make yourself relevant and stand out in the market. Moreover, you can advertise yourself through print media such as magazines and alike. On the other hand, there lies the digital marketing side where you can strengthen your influence on social networks. Wherein the latter helps a brand to have a strong online presence to cut through the clutter.


Influencer marketing

Today, social media is the primary medium being used for communication by almost all over the world. Be it for business or personal use, we can’t hide the fact that we use social media every day. In fact, according to a survey, internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on social media sites (source: digital information world). Thus, different brands have been tapping the digital media side for their marketing strategy especially influencer marketing.


Influencer marketing

So how does this work? Is this giving freebies to an influencer so they can say good things about you? No and no. Influencer marketing is when you work directly with an influencer or a group of them to create an effective campaign for your brand to be shared with a larger market. Aside from celebrities, the voices of influencers are one of the most powerful things in building the credibility of a brand.


Influencer marketing

As a hotel, how do you execute an influencer marketing campaign? You won’t have to worry about that because Asia Travel Club (ATC), the newest social commerce platform is here. It aims to connect hotels in Asia like you with influencers. Through their free #StaysForStories programme, you can easily tap one of the ATC influencers for a collaboration.

So, make yourself stand out in the social media market now! Connect yourself with Asian influencers by signing up on ATC’s website: You may also visit their Facebook page @asiatravelclub for more information!


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3 Reasons Why Travelling Should Be Part Of Your Lifestyle


Travelling seems to be the trend nowadays, especially for millennials where it is not uncommon for them to be living out of a suitcase. There are certain reasons why people travel – be it for leisure to chase their wanderlust dream or business. For some, it becomes their way of life not just something they do. That being said, why do you think there are more and more people who become globetrotters? Continue reading below to find out!



Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from school but it continues as you live your life. This is perhaps one of the reasons why people love to travel because each destination will give you unique learning and experience about them. As you immerse yourself, you become more educated and aware of the different cultures, people, and places. Also, travelling makes you actually see with your own eyes and experience the history, geography, and sociology of a certain place – the things we just see on books or the internet.



Another reason is that travelling helps you widen your perspective. It opens your mind and makes you realize that there is no one way to live your life. Getting in touch with different people will show you that how you view the world isn’t the same with others. In fact, making you exposed to new things will help you understand how certain things in life work differently in each of us.



Rather being stuck with your mundane routine, you have to go out and try out extraordinary things. Exploring a whole new different place will make you understand how lucky you are to be given the chance to witness its own beauty with your own eyes. Thus, making you appreciate more about your life and realise how wonderful it is.


Photo from Red by Sirocco

Some people would have a second thought about travelling because of how much it will cost them. In fact, you can cut down expenses and in line everything according to your budget. Good thing Asia Travel Club (ATC) could help a globetrotter like you to get a free stay at one of their partner hotels in Asia through its #StaysForStories program. This is a great opportunity for a social media influencer to strengthen their personal branding! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and pack your bags!

For more information, visit and follow their pages!



Instagram: @asiatravelclub


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What Makes A Good Customer Loyalty Program?

Customer Loyalty

Throughout the years, rewards programs have been everywhere promising various perks. As a regular customer of a particular product/service, we want to benefit and get something from them too.  Of course, most customers tend to seek the best deals/promotions to maximise their dollar. Are you part of any existing loyalty program? What entices you to be part of it? Or have you encountered being asked by someone to sign up for a customer loyalty program? If yes and even if not yet, you should consider things first to know if it is worth signing up for.


The newest loyalty program you should be in right now is Asia Travel Club (ATC), not your usual travel club. ATC serves as a platform for influencers and hotels in Asia to collaborate. Know why it is the newest and what makes it a good customer loyalty program you should be in especially if you are in the world of influencer marketing. Continue reading below to know more about it!


Customer Loyalty

Of course, who would want to be included in a customer loyalty program that is boring and would give you unexciting perks? Fret not because, with ATC, you are sure to have more fun and fuel your wanderlust because you get to have a FREE stay as you make memories while travelling.


Customer Loyalty

Aside from getting in touch with your fans and growing them, you also have your own interaction with the club itself. To have a further grasp about this, you acquire points whenever you successfully review a hotel of your choice from one of their partners. Moreover, these points may be redeemed when you want to request for future stays.


Customer Loyalty

Are you an influencer who is just starting to grow your fanbase but you want to join Asia Travel Club? No problem! With just a minimum of 1,000 followers, you can join the club already. One more thing is, it is really for free and you don’t have to pay for anything except for your airfare and other travel expenses. Yes, you read it right!


Customer Loyalty

Whether you are one of their hotel partners or an ATC influencer, you will benefit from its #StaysForStories program. ATC will help you grow your fan count as you also have the chance to be exposed in their partner sites such as Travel141, your local travel guide in Asia. Remember that your influence is strengthened as your fans grow.


Signing up in ATC is so easy and you can do it on your mobile phone through Facebook Messenger App. All you have to do is to head on to its FB account: @asiatravelclub and tap ‘Send Message’. To further understand the steps, watch this video:


Customer Loyalty

Lastly, beware of those loyalty programs that promise you free rewards when in fact, they are not but ATC isn’t like that. So, what are you waiting for? Get free hotel reservations and stays for your next travel when you become part of ATC’s #StaysForStories program. They can’t wait to welcome you on board!

For more information, visit and follow their social media pages!



Instagram: @asiatravelclub /


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Hotelsrecommended this monthTips

Things To Consider When Booking Hotel Rooms

booking hotel rooms

The hotel you will be staying at is one of the most important factors to think about when planning a trip. Nowadays, we have plenty of ways to book hotel rooms but you have to make sure that it will provide you with the utmost comfort. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, make sure to consider these simple factors to check if the hotel you are eyeing for is the one. Continue reading more below to find out!


Hotel Rooms

The first thing to consider when booking hotel rooms is the location. Some may claim that they have an excellent location only for you to find out that they don’t while some exaggerate their closeness to attractions in your travel itinerary. Moreover, choose one that allows you to move around with no hassle and makes you avoid unnecessary waste of time and money. Try checking the hotel on Google Maps to see where it is exactly located.


Hotel Rooms

This is not a requirement when booking hotel rooms but it is ideal to have this included. However, not all hotels include free breakfast in its booking. Aside from that, not having to pay for breakfast is a big save on your budget. Not having to worry about what to eat and going out for your first meal in the morning is a plus!


Hotel Rooms

Aside from the comfortability and cleanliness of the room, you should also consider the hotel amenities. What do they have to offer? Do these cater to your needs? Hotels that make an effort to provide amenities for you to have a memorable experience during your stay are worth spending for. If you also find hotels that offer extra amenities for free, lucky you!


Hotel Rooms

Hotel rates vary depending on the website or agency you will use to book and the season. Make sure to compare different hotel deals first to know which surely fits your budget. As a matter of fact, you can directly contact the hotel to check. Who knows they have a promotion or a discount?


Hotel Rooms

In booking hotel rooms, it is also good to know how the experiences of their past guests were. Some hotels provide attractive pictures and may make you want to book it without further ado. However, have you heard of expectation vs. reality? Considering online reviews might save you from regrets. Make sure that it has positive and realistic reviews so it will be worth every penny you will spend.

But, did you know that staying at an excellent hotel for free is now possible? Asia Travel Club (ATC), the newest social commerce platform connects influencers and hotels in Asia through its #StaysForStories program. Sign up now and get a free stay at one of their partner hotels by visiting their Facebook page @asiatravelclub.

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Tips On How You Can Be Living The High Life

Living The High Life

If you think living the high life is only measured by how much money you have, it isn’t! Wealth doesn’t only come in the form of money but also in other aspects such as relationships and self-fulfilment. At the end of the day, you will look back to yourself and wonder if you have lived the life you dreamt of. Want to know how you can pull it off? Continue reading below!


Living The High Life

Yes, you can’t seem to avoid constantly worrying about tomorrow but the most important thing is what is happening right now. As much as possible, make the most of what is happening at the moment because you can’t take it back. However, you shouldn’t lose a vision of how you see yourself in the future. After all, coming prepared for it is as important.


Living The High Life

Keep in mind that the number of things or people you have doesn’t equate to self-fulfillment or happiness. Choose quality over quantity – be it for material things or your relationships with people. People who help you grow as a person is one of the keys to live the high life.


Living The High Life

Always remember to not compare yourself to others. If your friend has his/her own Lambo by the age of 23, don’t feel sorry if you can’t even buy any car for yourself. Don’t rush yourself in achieving things because life isn’t a race. As a matter of fact, you have your own timeline and path to take. If you focus on other people’s lives, you will just pressure yourself. Instead, focus on working towards your own achievements and goals in life.


Living The High Life

Learning doesn’t end within the four corners of a classroom because it is a lifelong process. There are more things about life that we need to learn. All you need is to explore and see the world for yourself. Moreover, knowledge isn’t the only thing that we acquire when we travel but also priceless experiences. Lastly, never ever be afraid to try something new!


Living The High Life

Who wouldn’t want something for free? It may be hard to believe but there are really certain things we can get for free such as a free stay at one of the best hotels in Asia. Yes, you certainly read it right! It’s now possible with Asia Travel Club, the newest social commerce platform that connects influencers and hotels across Asia. ATC aims to empower your social media influence through its #StaysForStories program.

So, what are you waiting for? Living the high life has never been this possible with Asia Travel Club! To sign up, visit their website or Facebook page @asiatravelclub.

Watch out for more exciting travel guides ahead! Meanwhile, check out our other blogs below.


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