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5 Unique Bangkok Hotels for an extraordinary stay in the city

Do you want to take your Bangkok travel experience up a notch? How about splurging on unique Bangkok hotels where you feel like you just stepped into a whimsical world or feel like you’re a queen or a fascinating theatrical character? We’re featuring five unique hotels in today’s Thailand travel guide, so get ready for […]

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Bangkok Food Scene: 5 Best restaurants for healthy & organic food

Travelling to Thailand means a great amount of Bangkok food is waiting to be devoured. From street food favourites to luxury restaurants’ Thailand food best-sellers, the array of Thai local food is bountiful. But how much of these cuisines are healthy and organic? For people leaning towards starting a wholesome living, it can be quite […]

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Melange Restaurant: Specialising in home-cooked Thailand food & Western classics

There is no better way to begin or conclude a culture-filled Bangkok travel experience by starting and ending it with local Thailand food! But where to start, you ask? Unravelling Thai cuisines begin once you step out of your Bangkok hotel. While the never-ending list of restaurants featured in Thailand travel blogs can be a […]

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Err Restaurant: Fusion of urban-rustic setting and traditional Thailand food

Apart from shopping and exploring temples, Bangkok is known for delicious street food and never-ending restaurants that offer the best dining experiences. Which is why it is no surprise that one of the things to do in Bangkok is trying out local restaurants! If you’re planning your Bangkok travel itinerary, you will probably stumble upon […]

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