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The Best Medical Schools In Asia 2019

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Asia has been a growing destination for medical education and other opportunities related in this field. Are you interested in pursuing your medical degree in Asia? So, continue reading below as we list down the best medical schools in Asia and find out the university for you!



The Best Medical Schools In Asia 2019

Photo from University of Tokyo | Hospital

The University of Tokyo is currently considered as the top among the other medical schools in Asia. Its medical school is named as the Tokyo Medical University. Also, it is one of the few medical schools established in Japan even before World War II. They offer a 6-year curriculum of medicine consisting of preclinical and clinical studies. After that, students who will successfully complete the said curriculum are considered qualified for the national medical licensing exam.



The Best Medical Schools In Asia 2019

Photo from National University of Singapore | Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Hailed as the second top among medical schools in Asia is the National University of Singapore. Its medical school was established in 1905 which follows the British model of medical education. Named as Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, they offer advanced education and opportunities in various medical courses. In addition to that, they also offer full-time undergraduate programs that lead to a Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and a Bachelors of Medicine degrees. In addition to that, other programs such as Master of Nursing, Master of Science (Nursing), and Doctor of Philosophy are being offered too.



Kyoto University in Japan is known to be a top research-oriented institute in Asia for its unique approach to education and research. Moreover, they encourage their students to embody “creativity” and “dialogue” – considered the two main pillars of research in any field. Furthermore, the modern laboratories help students and researchers to experience hands-on practices needed in their development and learning.



The Best Medical Schools In 2019

Photo from University of Hong Kong | LKS Faculty of Medicine

The Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese started and set-up by the British in 1887. Later on, it merged with Hong Kong University and became its medical school since 1911. Nowadays, it is known as Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine that consists of various departments that provide world-class educational programs. Also, its medical school works in partnership with the Queen Mary Hospital which is also their main research base. Moreover, they offer education in both English and Chinese languages.



The Best Medicine Schools In Asia 2019

Photo from Peking University | Health Science Center

Hailed as the 5th best medical school in Asia is Peking University, established in 1912. Also, it is considered as the most respected medical institute of China and the pioneer institute in the country to adopt the western education style. Previously, it was known as the Beijing Medical University. During 2000, Beijing Medical University merged with Peking University and renamed as Peking University Health Science Centre.

Other best medical schools in Asia are Seoul University, National Taiwan University, Tsinghua University, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong International Students Admission Scheme. So, have you selected one from these best medical schools in Asia for pursuing your dream to become a doctor? If you already have, you’re one step closer to your dream!

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