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5 Most Important Travel Kit For Travel Influencers

Whether you are a travel influencer, or you are preparing to be one soon, there is some essential travel kit that you must pack along for a pleasant trip. Most of them are pretty familiar, but God knows, we someone will always forget one or two. Let’s check them out 1-by-1. Travel Kit #1 – […]

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Basic Japanese Words You Need To Know Before Visiting Japan

Planning your next trip to Japan but afraid of the language barrier? Though there are still Japanese that speaks English, it is good to equip yourselves with some basic Japanese words and phrases, breaking down the communication barriers. 1. Yes & No Accepting or rejecting an offer, agreeing or disagreeing with something, that is the […]

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Korea Travel Guide: 5 Do’s And Don’ts

Whether it’s the Korean dramas or their irresistibly charming girl and boy groups that got you obsessed with their culture, Korea is taking over as one of the must-visit places in the world. Is a trip to Korea in your travel plans this year? While you may know some of their quirks courtesy of what […]

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4 Things You Need To Know Before You Travel to Thailand

There’s no doubt that Thailand is one of the most visited travel destinations in Asia. It is culture-rich and definitely a food trip haven. Many travellers know what they want to do when they travel to Thailand but only a few know the things they should avoid. With that, check out these things that you […]

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Malaysia Travel Guide: 5 Don’ts You Need To Remember

Did you manage to get a free stay at one of Asia Travel Club’s hotel partners in Malaysia through the Stays For Stories influencer marketing program? Well then, let this article be your handy Malaysia travel guide! If it will be the first time you’ll be travelling to the beautifully multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual country, […]

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