Thailand Shopping Guide: Take home flavourful Thai spices & sauces from the Land of Smiles

Buy Thai spices and sauces for your Thailand shopping souvenirs| Thailand Shopping | Travel141

Following our series of edible Thailand shopping souvenirs to take home, we have prepared something tasty and spicy in our Thailand travel guide for today.

Aside from affordable and stylish fashion pieces that make Thailand shopping truly exciting, Thailand food also tops shopping lists as some of the best souvenirs to take home from the Land of Smiles.

Buy Thai spices and sauces for your Thailand shopping souvenirs | Thailand Shopping | Travel141Feast of Thai local food

Do you ever wonder how Thais make their dishes so flavourful? With the perfect blend of spices and sauces they are able to produce mouth-watering Thai local foods that are devoured by tourists and locals every day. From street-side vendors to lush Thai restaurants, the magic of Thai food truly captures the appetite of everyone that gets a taste of it.

Thailand food culture’s complex interplay of rich and unique flavours has made Thai local food one of the famous cuisines in the world. Popular Thailand food such as Pad Thai, Tom Yam Goong, Som Tam and Thai fried rice are just some of the best food in Thailand that represent the rich culinary history of this Asian country. And while there are endless options for you to dine these dishes, they will remain a memory once you step out of Thailand’s grounds. Luckily, vacuum packed dried spices and bottled sauces are there to the rescue – the most important ingredients for a serving of these star dishes.

Thai Sauces & Spices

Buy Thai spices and sauces for your Thailand shopping souvenirs | Thailand Shopping | Travel141Thai herbs and spices

Thai sauces & spices make for a great Thailand shopping souvenir as they are easily available in Thailand shopping malls and other Thailand attractions. They are also the only way you can stop day dreaming of Pad Thai and actually make one for you and the whole family as well!

Thailand shopping tip: You can also purchase different Thai hot sauce and sweet and sour sauces for a complete Thai local culinary experience. For a few dollars, you can get up to a dozen different Thai spices that can give you a month’s worth of delectable, spicy Thailand food at your home.

Travel Tip: Fresh Thai spices and herbs cannot be imported. Only dried and vacuum packed are allowed to be brought to Customs. Just make sure to read through Customs regulations and declare them upon checking in.

If you want to know more Thailand travel tips for the best food in the country and have an idea of other things to do in Thailand, visit Travel141 and plan your travel getaway today!

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