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Festivals are usually derived from certain ancient folklore or traditions that passed on for generations and still being celebrated today. Proud of being a land that was never conquered or colonized by other countries in South East Asia, Thailand has remained the authenticity and origins of its traditions and festivals until today. Let us check out the best-celebrated festivals in Thailand now!

1. Phi Ta Khon (Ghost Festival)

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Best Festivals in Thailand | Phi Ta Khon

Being known as the Ghost Festival in Thailand, Phi Ta Khon is a festival that has a combination of hands craft, religious and fun-filled activities and is held on the 6th Full Moon of the Lunar Calendar (around June or July) at Dan Sai, Loei Province.

According to legend, it is believed that Phi Ta Khon is a festival so fun that both the living and the death would like to attend. While the locals believe that the noises on the festival would awaken the spirit of the Mun River to protect their town.

This is a 3-day celebration festival with people wearing a ghastly mask, stretched face, and phallic nose, usually start with a parade on Friday, a music show or beauty pageant contest on Saturday, and Buddhist religious ceremony on Sunday.

2. Yi Peng (Lantern Festival)

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Best Festivals in Thailand | Yi Peng

During the evening of Yi Peng Festival (a.k.a Lantern Festival in Thailand), you will see thousands of long white Chinese paper lantern being released into the sky, a breath-taking sight to behold.

The festival is being held at every 12 Full Moon of the Lunar Calendar (usually November) at Chiang Mai. It is said that releasing Chinese paper lanterns is symbolize to letting go of the misfortunes of the past year. There are also live musical performances and firecrackers to heat the atmosphere.

3. Boon Bang Fai (Rocket Festival)

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Best Festivals in Thailand | Boon Bang Fai

Lies in further up North-East region of Thailand at Yasothorn province, there is a very popular festival celebrated amongst the farming communities called Boon Bang Fai (a.k.a the Rocket Festival in Thailand) from May till July.

It is said that the rockets fired up into the skies are to encourage the gods to bless them with plentiful rain for crops grow. In here, the festival will be accompanied by lively folk music, beauty pageant contest and local rice wine.

However, there are consequences if you failed to launch the rocket. You will be playfully thrown into a mud-bath as punishment. Ouch!

4. Lopburi Monkey Banquet (Monkey Feast)

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Best Festivals in Thailand | Lopburi

Love the feeling of being surrounded by monkeys? Lopburi would be your favourite destination to be at, as there are around 3000 monkeys here wandering in the streets, with 4 tons of fruits, vegetables, and other treats to be served during the Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival.

Legend has it a Hindu monkey deity, Hanuman and his monkey army save a god’s wife from the cluster of a demon, and the monkeys here at Lopburi is being treated and served as the descendants of Hanuman.

This is one of the most interesting festivals in Thailand. It is usually being held in November. Do be aware of your valuables and belongings while participating, you might be surprised at how sneaky these naughty yet adorable creatures are.

5. Songkran (Water Festival)

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Best Festivals in Thailand | Songkran

Needless to say, Songkran festival, or widely known as the water festival in Thailand is no doubt the biggest and largest festival to be held in the country. The festival itself was held 3 days straight in the country during April, tons of tourist and visitors would love to visit and participate in this splashing wet extravaganza.

Apparently, the whole town was full of water buckets and water missiles ready to launch at whoever or whatever happens to be on the street. There will also be massive parades, dance performance and beauty pageant contest.

The Songkran festival was celebrated to clean their houses, pour water on Buddha statues, and drench each other to clear away the sins of the past year. If you are planning on a trip to visit Thailand during the festival, make sure you are ready to get wet!


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