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Dig into what Thailand food culture has to offer at Siam Wisdom Cuisine!

Thailand is a country where social gatherings are made special with delicious and mouth-watering cuisine. And we’re not just talking about ordinary dishes but Thai local food that perfectly reflects the rich flavours and history of Thailand food culture.

As a country that knows exactly what great food tastes like, it is no wonder that one of the things to do in Thailand is to eat! And the same can be said about Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok.

Bangkok is one of the most favoured destinations in the country. It is filled with local restaurants and street-side vendors where one can easily sample a taste of local Bangkok food. But with so many choices, it can be quite difficult to know which one is worth the try.

Fret no more as we present to you the charming fine-dining restaurant Siam Wisdom in our Thai food guide today.           

Siam Wisdom

A Bangkok travel experience isn’t without a taste of authentic and delicious Bangkok food. Fortunately, a visit to local restaurant Siam Wisdom can give you just that.

Sample Thailand food culture’s best at Bangkok restaurant Siam Wisdom | Thailand Food Culture | Travel141Siam Wisdom’s beautiful and homey outdoor setting | Photo Courtesy: Siam Wisdom

Siam Wisdom is the brain child of celebrity Chef Chumpol Jangprai. With his passion to bring out the best in Thailand food culture, he takes pride in serving the best food in Thailand as set menus and ala carte served in Siam Wisdom, a restaurant set in traditional Thai house.


Set menus of Siam Wisdom lets guests choose among their classic, ancient and innovative dishes all of which are presented through beautiful handmade pottery.

Sample Thailand food culture’s best at Bangkok restaurant Siam Wisdom | Thailand Food Culture | Travel141Each dish is made from the freshest ingredients | Photo Courtesy: Siam Wisdom

Using only the freshest ingredients to produce quality Thai local food, Siam Wisdom makes sure that every serving of Bangkok food is of premium quality and showered with Thailand food culture’s flavour and goodness.

For customers looking to end the day with a few drinks, Siam Wisdom’s cocktails have got you covered. Sponsored by Mekhong and Singha, cocktail choices such as Num Dokmai Margarita (rum, mango and triple sec), hai Noon (vodka, lemongrass, lime, coconut syrup and ginger ale) and Hoegaarden, as well as Singha Beer, await customers.

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