Trave; 141 | Where to go in Krabi | Tiger Cave

Where To Go in Krabi For Stunning Instagram Photos

Is Krabi—one of Thailand’s most popular travel destinations — part of your ultimate travel bucket list? This province in southern Island is blessed with picturesque views and beautiful white beaches so you’ll never run out of photo spots to visit. However, if you’re an influencer, you know you simply must capture the very best for your feed.  With that, we’ve rounded up three spots so you know where to go in Krabi for the most Insta-worthy photo!

Nong Thale Lake


Seeing a sunrise sure is gorgeous, but it’s an entirely different experience once you see it at Nong Thale Lake. The way the sun reflects against the still waters of the Nong Thale Lake lends a feeling of calmness that will quiet your soul. Although the area isn’t that much of a tourist draw, coming here will give you lots of wonderful photos that will contrast the busy beaches of Thailand. You can also come here at night and capture the Milky Way.

Hong Islands

Travel 141 Hong Islands Where to go in Krabi - Where To Go in Krabi For Stunning Instagram Photos

Have you ever seen paradise? If you’re wondering where to go in Krabi for Insta-worthy photos, you must include the Hong Islands in Krabi. An epitome of paradise, the islands stand out with the lagoon, the beach, the white sand and the crystal-clear waters coming together for one stunning vista. The islands are accessible by longtail boat.

Tiger Cave

Trave; 141 | Where to go in Krabi | Tiger Cave

Another Insta-worthy spot in Krabi is the Tiger Cave Temple or Wat Tham Sua. Named as such because of the tiger paw prints on the cave walls, the Tiger Cave Temple is a stunning natural wonder. If you’re ready to climb the 1,237 steps, then you’ll be treated to a spectacular view on the top. Besides your trusty camera or smartphone, don’t forget to dress appropriately and bring water to quench your thirst.

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