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Thailand Travel Guide: Thai Delicacies

Most of us know Thailand as a famous tourist attraction with its popular islands and vibrant cities. But what stood out the rest is Thai Delicacies. There are 3 main categories in Thai Delicacies, be it Thai Cuisine, Thai Street Food and Thai Snacks, let’s find out more about them.

1. Thai Cuisine

Tom Yam Gong

This is the most common Thai Cuisine that you could get in every Thai Restaurant or food stall. It is quintessential of Thai Cuisine. With the signature of hot, sour and spicy taste all-in-one, it is the best appetizing dishes for a summer country like Thailand.

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Thai Delicacies | Tom Yam Gong

By the way, if you break down the words of “Tom Yam Gong”, it is translated as “Tom” (soup), “Yam” (Sour and Spicy), “Gong” (Prawns) – A sweet and sour soup served with fresh prawns.

Thai Papaya Salad

Served with crispy and crunchy papaya slices, paired with red hot chillies and lemon sauce, adding on peanuts and lettuce formed a well-blend of hot and sour cold appetizer that is mouth-watering.

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Thai Delicacies | Thai Papaya Salad

Authentic Thai Papaya Salad will have shrimp paste and fish sauce added on top. Do remind the shop owner if they have forgotten to add in!

Thai Curry Crab

The origin of Thai Curry Crab is funny. Legend has it a drunk cook mistaken curry powder as pepper powders, added it onto the dish and turns out to be a tasty delight. Who knows that a simple mistaken step could turn out to be a popular dish now?

2. Thai Street Food

Thai Banana Pancake

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Thai Delicacies | Thai Banana Pancake

You can get Thai Banana Pancakes in the streets of Thailand most of the time. A crispy and sweet banana pancake that served with delicious and yummy chocolate sauce or yoghurt on top, is one of the must-try Thai delicacies.

Pandan Steam Fish with Curry Paste

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Thai Delicacies | Pandan Steam Fish

This Thai delicacy is a combination of art and food in one. By using a special Thai Pandan leaves folding into a shape of a boat, adding in some mushrooms, crab meat and seafood. Baked it until its shape was formed and the meat turns yellowish-brown. Lastly, put on the sweet and spicy taste on top to complete a delectable street food.

Deep-Fried Seafood

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Thai Delicacies | Deep Fried Seafood

There’s not a place like Thailand that you can get seafood in almost every corner of the town. Most important of all, it is VERY CHEAP! Remember to get yourselves a bite there!

3. Thai Snacks

Tao Kae Noi

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Thai Delicacies | Tao Kae Noi

In recent years, the Tao Kae Noi seaweed snack is becoming more and more popular for tourist. Most shops, supermarkets, and even imported shops have this on their racks. Besides the cheap prices, what makes them stood out is the variety of choices that they provide.

Bangkok Tasty

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Thai Delicacies | Bangkok Tasty 1

Thailand mangoes are world-renowned, how about getting some back as a souvenir? I’m not talking about the real mangoes, but the Bangkok Tasty Dried Mango and Vacuum Fried Mango. These two delectable snacks taste just like fresh ripe mango and are suitable for any occasions.

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Thai Delicacies | Bangkok Tasty 2

This health-friendly snack is crunchy and munchy at the same time, it’s simply irresistible. It is a top choice for you to buy as a souvenir from Thailand!


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