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Things To Do In This Upcoming Indonesia Independence Day


Indonesia will welcome its 74th Independence Day in this upcoming August 17, after they gained independence from the Dutch. It is a public holiday, so let us find out what are the things that you can do it this upcoming Indonesia Independence Day!

Flag Hoisting Ceremony & Independence Parade

It was stated in the Republic of Indonesia Law that all Indonesian should hoist their national flag on August 17. There will also be a national formal flag hoisting ceremony that will be held at the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, hosted by the current Indonesia President at 10 a.m., broadcast nationwide on radio and television.

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The president will then give on an independence speech, followed by an independence parade will follow through. If you happened to be at Jakarta, Indonesia by that time, you might be able to catch up on the action and cultural dances and performances of Indonesia Independence Day.

Screening of Historical Films

As usual, there will be a bunch of historical documentaries or patriotic films that will be screening on the local cinemas and broadcast in their local television as well.

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If you are a fan of history, most of these films will talk about how Indonesia struggled and finally gained independence from the Dutch, through their very first President Sukarno (or Seokarno for Indonesians).\

Participate in the Tujuhbelasan Celebration

The spirit of nationalism and patriotism can be shown on full display by participating in their joyous Tujuhbelasan (17th, commemorates the date of independence) Celebration during Indonesia Independence Day. The neighbourhoods and villages across Indonesia will hold multiple competitions that focus on one theme – teamwork.

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Some of the competition includes kerupuk eating contest, bike decoration, sendok kelereng (carrying a marble with a spoon), tug of war, balap karung (sack races), etc. Each competition symbolizes the communal spirit of Indonesia.

One of the famous competition in Indonesia Independence Day is Panjat Pinang. It’s basically climbing up a slippery pole (or palm tree) that is greased with oil to reach for the prize that hanging on top of the pole. Some of them might even have to wear a long dress to climb up the pole!

Have a Vacation at Turi Beach Resort

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Located in the northeast of Batam Island is the fabulous Turi Beach Resort, an Indonesian paradise by Nongsa Resort. By just getting a 35 minutes ferry ride from Singapore or 15 minutes’ drive from the Hang Nadim Airport, you can reach this beautiful Indonesian boutique paradise.

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Turi Beach Resort is a perfect way to spend your Indonesia Independence Day, blessing with inspiring views of the ocean, and the tropical greenery that cocoons the forest. With the stunning Turi Beach right in front of your doorstep, you can enjoy multiple water activities and sports here, or even go for an exhilarating diving experience here!

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If you plan to have a rest and rejuvenating holiday vacation, you can indulge in the Indonesian spa treatments available in the resort. Sooth and relax your tense muscles while letting the therapist giving you a revitalizing, relaxing, and memorable experience TSpa treat.


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