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Influencer 101: Tips When Choosing Between Smartphone and DSLR

The visual story you tell is everything in influencer marketing. As such, it’s important to have the right weapon with you at all times. Is it your trusty DSLR or your reliable smartphone? While you can always just bring both, it pays to know which one to grab to capture a fleeting moment. And so if you’re undecided, let this article be your guide.

Know your content

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The first question to ask yourself: will you be shooting for personal use or for a brand you’re collaborating with? If you’ll be posting your life’s precious moment, a smartphone can easily do the job. However, using a DSLR camera will definitely bring a level of professionalism to your output if it’s for a brand.

Controls and features

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DSLR camera offers a lot of controls and features that can help you create a high-quality image. This is especially imperative if you are, for instance, shooting objects close-up or attending events at night where you’ll need a custom setting to get the best photo. However, if you’re not confident navigating the many settings of a DSLR, then, by all means, opt for your smartphone since they can also be quite powerful. Plus, a great device can only do so much if it is not operated properly.

Consider quality

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The image quality that smartphones produce is good. However, the quality of a DSLR camera tends to be even better—helping your photos to stand out more. You have more control over the result when you are shooting with a ‘real’ camera.

Ease of upload

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As an influencer, you need to churn out content fast—especially if it’s a festival or an event. You need to share with the world what’s happening as it happens and that is something only a smartphone could do. Besides it being extremely portable, a smartphone lets you quickly shoot, edit and upload in one go.

Are you an influencer?

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