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Things To Remember Before You Travel To Play Golf in Malaysia

Plan your golf in Malaysia and check out these guidelines before heading to golf courses in Malaysia! | Malaysia Travel | Travel141

We know that you are excited to crack the whip out of those golf clubs but you must be ready with golf travel essentials you need to know. Take note of these travel tips before you play golf in Malaysia!


To bring or not bring your full set golf clubs?

Plan your golf in Malaysia and check out these guidelines before heading to golf courses in Malaysia! | Malaysia Travel | Travel141

If your purpose of travelling is to just play golf in Malaysia and nothing else, then it would be better to bring your own full set of golf clubs. But, if your travel plans involve sightseeing or business, it would be better to just rent golf clubs at each course.


Stock up on golf balls or buy them instead?

Most of the golf courses in Malaysia have lots of water hazards and it is not uncommon for even good golfers to lose several golf balls during their round. Stock up on 1-2 dozen of your favourite golf balls.


Ensure the safety of your golf clubs

You don’t want your golf clubs to get lost or damaged before you can even get to use it, right? Book your Malaysia golf travel trip through a specialized golf tour operator like Golf Asian who is well equipped to properly handle and secure golf equipment and has already factored in baggage transfers into your package. You also might want to invest in a special travelling case to help protect your clubs.


Always check the weather before booking your golf tour

One of the most important things you need to do before you book a tour and play golf in Malaysia is to check the weather. You never know if the rain will pour on your desired golf tour date. Even worst, you might encounter a typhoon coming so it’s better to be aware of it.


Other essentials needed in your golfing travel

Besides bringing your golf clubs and balls, you might want to bring other essentials needed while golfing in Malaysia.

  • Sunblock (with the highest SPF). The tropical sun can be a little strong in Malaysia so you must protect your skin from it
  • This is not only for the rainy season but also to give you shade from the sun.
  • One of the important things to bring during the game if you don’t want to get dehydrated especially during the summer season.
  • Band-aids. Although golf and country clubs in Malaysia have clinics equipped with first aid kits, you never know when a blister, insect bite, or scratch will require especially during the game.
  • Other items that you might need are extra golf gloves and towels.


Hire a private car with a driver

Avoid the hassle of not finding a taxi and taking public transportation carrying your full set golf clubs. Hire a private car with a driver that will bring you directly to your desired Malaysia golf courses. Don’t know where to book? Don’t worry! Travel 141 International Car Rental Services will launch soon for your travel convenience. Subscribe to our newsletter below to get more updates!


Be cool and have fun!

The most important thing that matters is your attitude toward the game. Treat your caddies and co-golfers with respect. Win or lose, always keep your cool, accept the results, and have fun! An after-game drink or a dinner would be satisfying as well.


If you’re all set, check out some of the top golf courses in Malaysia!

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