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Tips for Muslims Travelling During Ramadan

Ramadan, the most sacred month for Muslims, begins on the ninth in the Islamic calendar, after the crescent moon is officially visible. It is the time to fast from sunrise to sunset, abstain from pleasures, and pray. Keep the spirit of Ramadan and have the time for reflection, sacrifice, and deeper connection within the community, even away from your home country.

When most long trips and travelled plans take place during Ramadan, follow these helpful tips to focus on the most sacred time of the year. Travelling should be easy, even when you are visiting non-Muslim countries, when you do plan ahead of time.

Plan your schedule

Tips for Muslims Travelling During Ramadan

When travelling, select flights that depart after iftar and arrives before suhoor, to avoid fasting while you are on board the plane. If possible, pick an arrival or departure before sunset to avoid having to break your fast during long hours of travel. Plan your schedule and have the time to reset your mind, body, and soul anywhere you are in the world.

If you are heading or in a country with excessively long hours of daylight, religious scholars advised to follow the fasting schedule hours of your nearest Muslim majority country like Saudi Arabia or the fasting schedule of your home country.

Be prepared for suhoor and iftar.

Tips for Muslims Travelling During Ramadan

During long hours of travel, there can be a seemingly difficult time to not skip suhoor. To prepare for the fast, pack a pre-dawn meal, like fruits, granola, yogurt, dates, and food high in protein and carbohydrates. This will fuel you to last the whole day until iftar.

Find the local Muslim Communities

Tips for Muslim Travelling During Ramadan


Before travelling, make sure to find the nearest local Muslim communities in your destination. Halal restaurants are usually within the vicinity of the mosques, to have your suhoor or iftar. You can also experience joining the local in the nightly prayer, Taraweeh at the mosque. Most mosque even set up tents and serve free sahur or iftar meals.

Return home filled with new experiences and perspectives of Ramadan on other countries. Plan ahead and start your journey.