Influencer Sponsorships

Influencer Sponsorships 101: Can You Really Get A Hotel Stay For Free?

Influencer Sponsorships 101

Are you a social media influencer eager to know how you can score influencer sponsorships just like a free stay at some of Asia’s top hotels and resorts? You’ve come to the right place!

Influencer Sponsorships

Nowadays, millennials see travelling as an essential part of life. They would prefer spending their money on experiences rather than material things. With tons of travel guides and influencers you see online, we can’t help but set our own travel goals too and be our own influencer.

However, making yourself known in a world where top influencers abound and getting in touch with hotels and resorts is no easy task. But did you know that there’s a new social commerce platform that makes it easy for influencers—no matter if you’re a YouTube influencer or an expert in Instagram influencer marketing–to enjoy a free hotel stay?

Asia Travel Club (ATC)

Influencer Sponsorships

Introducing Asia Travel Club (ATC), a social commerce platform that gives influencer sponsorships for influencers like yourself a chance to enjoy free stays in exchange of stories. Yes, you read that right—free hotel stays—and this is not a drill!

In a nutshell, ATC “connects hotel partners with influencers with strong social network ties that will cut through the clutter with authentic, ground-breaking and organic reviews.” The type of posts or reviews will depend on you. To name a few, you can create a website blog post, a Youtube video, or an Instagram post. However, you are only allowed to create up to three posts per partner. ATC offers opportunities for collaboration between hotels and top influencers. Moreover, ATC helps hotel brands turn their unused inventories into a powerful marketing tool. Cool, right? So, to answer the question if you can get a hotel stay for free, yes you can!

How Do I Sign Up To Be an ATC Influencer?

If you are a travel influencer looking for influencer sponsorships or know someone who is perfect for this platform, signing up is easy! Simply visit to sign up. First, set up your ATC Member account, provide the necessary details and you will be verified the next day. Afterwards, an email will be sent to you as a notification of your account’s verification.

Once your account’s ready, you can head to ATC Facebook messenger app to request for a sponsored request. That’s how easy it works!

Now, can you picture yourself enjoying your ultimate FREE staycation? Make it real with ATC!

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