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In an evolving work environment where entrants have a plethora of employment opportunities to choose from, retaining talents that are best suited for a particular job is a constant headache for employers in public and private sectors, much less scouting for people with the necessary skills and drive. Check out these five jobs which requires a high level of know-how in Singapore’s work landscape!

Apply to be a chef with Pacific Manpower Resource

Food & Beverage Industry – Chefs

Who doesn’t love the popular TV series Hell’s Kitchen? If you are a regular fan of the series, you would know that the teams of chefs working under the supervision of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey faces an immense amount of stress. While chefs here don’t get reprimanded if their chicken’s too raw, they do still face stressful situations when they are in the kitchen. To cater to the crowd crunch during lunch and dinner periods, chefs have to know their culinary knowledge like the back of their hand while facing the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and the staff. In situations like these, an experienced chef would know how and when to delegate work to the staff efficiently.

Hospitality Industry – Hoteliers

Taking a well-deserved break from work? When you step into that swish five-star hotel along Orchard Road, you’d definitely want the best hotel facilities and experience as well! That’s where the hotelier plays an important role. Tasked with overseeing the entire hotel, an experienced hotelier knows the daily operations of the entire place and ensure that it runs smoothly. Furthermore, a hotelier will also take charge of the building compliances and local laws that may apply, especially when the hotel is established oversees. With a long checklist of things to manage, retaining a talented hotelier is crucial if you would like to run a successful hotel!

Education Industry – Lecturers

With a reputation as an education hub and a successful nationwide education programme, Singapore is an undisputed educational exemplar in the global community! That’s why if you are looking to hire a lecturer for an educational post, you’ll obviously have to select the top minds to lecture at your institution. To maintain high standards of learning, a lecturer has to conduct diligent research and keep up to date in their respective fields, in addition to their regular timetable of lectures and tutorials. What’s more, lecturers will also have to manage markings of assessments, meetings with boards of examiners; and more often than not, stay back after tutorials to answer student queries. With a multitude of tasks to juggle, an experienced lecturer would be a boon to you educational institute!

These major employment positions play an important role in our workforce, yet the selection for suitable employees to join the team is an arduous and painstaking process. To answer that challenge, Pacific Manpower Resource Pte. Ltd. has come forward to provide employers with individuals who has the right skills. With a wide network of overseas recruitment pool, Pacific is able to address your employment needs with talents from countries such as China, Phillippines, India, and Burma. Add in the rigorous screening process that each individual goes through, and you can be sure that only the most suitable candidate is recommended to join your team!

Plus, Pacific is able to swiftly accommodate to any urgent employment needs. With a dynamic economy and an ever-changing workforce demand, Pacific is able to ensure speed and quality during the employee selection process by using a dual approach of seasoned recruiters equipped with a customised software to choose the best man (or woman) for the job.

Adapting to new situations overseas is a recurring issue. That’s why the recruitment officers at Pacific are also trained to help overseas employees ease into their new environment, and gather feedback on their performances from employers as well!

Interested in hiring? Here’s a list of employment positions which Pacific Manpower Resources can cater to:

  • Welders
  • Fabricators
  • Marine Fitters
  • Pipe Fitters, Instrument Fitters
  • Mechanical Fitters
  • Instrumentation Technician
  • Riggers, Scaffold
  • Sandblasters, Grinders
  • Construction Workers
  • Drivers, Heavy Equipment etc
  • Heavy Equipment operators etc
  • Draftsman, CAD Operator, Other Computer Designer
  • Office Secretaries and Clerical Personnel
  • Communications network workers and special lists, such as radio, television, cable-TV .etc
  • Accountants and book-keepers.
  • Professional managers, middle and top level
  • Engineers (civil, electrical, mechanical. etc )
  • Architect , SeniorArchitect ,Architect Planner
  • Hoteliers (food attendant, room attendant)
  • Chefs ( Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Partie etc)
  • Domestic Helpers
  • Physicians , nurses and other healthcare professionals such as Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Radiologic

Technicians, Medical Technologies, Pharmacists, etc.

  • Computer Technicians Programmers
  • Teachers , seminar organizers, lectures and trainers
  • Waitress / Waiter / Cashier
  • Beautician
  • Bakers / Cake Decorator /Pastry Maker /Chocolate Maker
  • Sales Ladies/ Sales Man
  • Fast Food Manager/ Supervisor/ Food Commissary

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